Heartwarming: The Wild Wild West

  • In "The Night of the Cadre" Artie accidentally knocks himself out with his own knock-out gas. Jim can't help making a snarky comment, but at the same time he grabs a blanket from the couch and drapes it over his now-sleeping friend.
  • The toast to Artie at the end of "The Night of Miguelito's Revenge," especially given that it's at least equally a toast to Ross Martin, who was temporarily sidelined due to a near-fatal heart attack.
  • Jim and Artie's reunion scene in "The Night of the Diva," made even more so because this marks Ross Martin's return to the series after his illness.
  • Jim's reaction to the reveal that Artie is alive in "The Night of the Murderous Spring" and, especially, "The Night of the Pistoleros."