Heartwarming / The Wild Wild West

  • In "The Night of the Cadre" Artie accidentally knocks himself out with his own Knockout Gas. Jim can't help making a snarky comment, but at the same time he grabs a blanket from the couch and drapes it over his now-sleeping friend.
  • The toast to Artie at the end of "The Night of Miguelito's Revenge," especially given that it's at least equally a toast to Ross Martin, who was temporarily sidelined due to a near-fatal heart attack.
  • Jim and Artie's reunion scene in "The Night of the Diva," made even more so because this marks Ross Martin's return to the series after his illness.
  • Jim's reaction to the reveal that Artie is alive in "The Night of the Murderous Spring" and, especially, "The Night of the Pistoleros".
  • This dialogue from "The Night of the Druid's Blood":
    Artie: Now listen, Jim. Listen to me. For the past twelve hours I've been sitting at your bedside praying that you'd pull through. You have been hurt. Do you understand?
    Jim: Nah, it can't be.
    Artie: Would I kid you about something like that, buddy? Would I?
  • In "The Night of the Amnesiac," Cloris becomes visibly ill just as they're about to escape Crotty's trap. The concerned tone of Jim's voice when he asks her if she's all right is just beyond words.