Heartwarming / Warriors Orochi

Yes, even in a series with not one, but TWO Worlds of Ham fighting each other in physics-defying yet completely awesome ways, there are still some gentler moments to be found.

  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but early 3, when Sima Zhao rescues Wang Yuanji, she, for a brief moment, displays a face of joy upon seeing him. And some of their dialogue when the other is not around does show that they care about each other.
  • At the end of Chapter 1 in Warriors Orochi 3, all the gathered heroes are transported back to their camp, and have just a few moments to relax from all of the hard battles they've been fighting. During this, Taigong Wang gives a little speech to Kaguya (who are both essentially demigods in this series) about how fond he's become of humans; it's incredibly inspiring.
    Taigong Wang: Aren't humans the strangest things? Although they appear fragile from the outside, they are actually quite strong. They keep getting back up no matter how many times they've been knocked down. I strongly believe...The heroes of the human realm will manage to defeat the Hydra.
  • Another one from 3: if you get Zhuge Dan and Zhuge Liang to talk in camp, this conversation takes place:
    Zhuge Dan: Master Zhuge Liang, I am a talentless dog...I have dirtied the name of our clan...
    Zhuge Liang: Dragons and tigers obey no one, yet dogs are forever loyal.
    Zhuge Liang: If you are a dog, Zhuge Dan, then you are the pride of our clan. There's nothing to be ashamed of.
  • At the start of the final battles in 3, Shuten Doji observes a soldier suddenly collapse and start shivering in fear, only for his friends to come and help him regain his courage. It's a small moment, but a nice one, one that shows that even the nameless mooks are just as courageous as the named officers.
  • Getting the conversation inbetween both Xiahou Dun and Date Masamune can also count. At first, Dun pretty much ridicules Masamune for his willing service to Orochi from the previous titles. By the final conversation, Dun puts aside Masamune's questionable decision and decides to watch over him just so his one eye doesn't stray. Likewise, Masamune responded favorably and for once, not really being high and mighty.
  • The ending for The Shu storyline in the first game. Having finally defeated Orochi, Liu Bei who is freed at last, appears behind the fallen demon. Zhao Yun, his brothers, Zhuge Liang, Yukimura, and all the rest promptly begin dashing towards him.
  • Sophitia's inclusion in WO3 Ultimate. She is taken right after the inclusion of Soul Calibur IV, in which in that game, she was Forced into Evil against her will. And if you know the game's plot, what happens next would be Sophitia sacrificing her life in order to let Pyrrha live longer. She would die while being unable to make up for her times as an Anti-Villain. In this game, she gets sucked into the dimensional rift before all those, fight bad guys and monsters threatening humanity and could experience being a honest-to-God holy warrior that protects people once again.
  • Any interaction with Nene and any of Hideyoshi or her adopted "children" in camp. Even during the apocalypse, she's still a loving wife and mother figure.
  • In a massive case of Even Evil Has Loved Ones, some of Da Ji and Himiko's actions and statements towards each other are so caring they border on Glurge. Even though both are very regularly bad guys, they routinely go well out of their way to make sure the other is safe, up to an including Himiko's Enemy Mine with the heroes.
    Da Ji: Himiko, even if I should die, I want you to continue living.
  • A DLC level in 3 Ultimate has the playable characters helping out several animals that had been displaced by various opponents all due to misinformation spread by Yuan Shao. When it comes time to attack Yuan Shao directly, the animals return the kindness shown to them and help kick his butt.
  • To get the true endings for the third game, you have to recruit EVERY SINGLE CHARACTERS (barring the one that unlocks after the final stage). So you have to go back and forth in time to save them. What's heartwarming is that many characters, once heard that they could save another, jumped at the chance to do so, even if they're from different factions.
    • Pang De, having joined Wei, recalling the demon's siege weapon store and went back to secure it so that he can send it to Yiling in order to rescue Huang Zhong, a warrior of Shu. What's even more heartwarming was why Pang De was in Yiling in the first place: He went there to help his old Xiliang comrades, and Ma Dai accepted him without doubt