Awesome / Warriors Orochi

  • In Warriors Orochi 3, Zhenji and Cao Pi go to He Fei to rescue Lu Xun from a serious predicament. After they drive off his foes, a Wu soldier charges at them, mistaking them for enemies. Zhenji just goes "lol no" and slaps the Mook's sword away with her bare hand. In addition, the sword...well, I don't have a good measurement, but I can tell you that it landed a great distance away from her, Cao Pi, and the unsurprisingly baffled soldier.
  • Hayabusa's debut in Anegawa. Kiyomori is just reciting the spell to mind control people, and suddenly there comes Hayabusa, just standing up with Badass Arm-Fold behind him. Kiyomori intercepts, Hayabusa uses wall run to dodge Kiyomori, ending with a clean leaping slice. "Mission Accomplished". All to the tune of his Leitmotif, the remix of the Stage 4-2 NES Ninja Gaiden theme.
  • The Sun Family gets a collective one in the Wu ending of Warriors Orochi were each member delivers "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Orochi.
    Sun Ce: You could never break us, what made you think otherwise?
    Sun Quan: In fact we should thank you for strengthing our bonds!
    Sun Shang Xiang: That's right! You shall be punished for the suffering you have caused.
    Sun Jian: You are no match...for the combined might of the Sun family!
    • Each one then strikes Orochi with their weapon at the same time and causes him to explode.
  • During the Intro Movie for the First Game, it shows Orochi bringing all the warriors and creating the realm. It shows places such as Nagashino, Chibi, and Edo being sucked in. Others are looking on in confusion and shock at what just happened and what's going on when Orochi appears with his vast army. Who's the only one who's keeping a cool head and staying in control this entire time despite all that happened? Nobunaga himself.
  • In Battle of Nagashino for 1, Takeda-Uesugi-Huang Zhong Coalition are in their Darkest Hour. But then Shingen-Kenshin prepare a plan to unleash the cavalry. Then, eventually the literal cavalry really comes with Kanetsugu Naoe in command, and the gloomy music of Nagashino is changed into this awesome music.
  • Anytime Tadakatsu Honda appears in 1 in The Gaiden Stages. Appearing when things start to look gleam and single handily raising morale himself and frightening the Enemy forces. There's a reason why Tokugawa would've won against Orochi if he had had Tadakatsu with him.
  • Orochi's forces against The Takeda-Uesugi forces in 2 in his story mode. Shingen and Kenshin are shown in front of their armies calmly looking out ahead and Kanetsugu and Yukimura give commands and The entire Cavalry charges ahead. The camera pans back in the distance and you see Orochi on a hill Scythe in hand watching them come at him and a smile starts to form on his face.
  • Shu's version of Koshi Castle in 1. Orochi has Liu Bei before him his weapon at his throat threatening to kill him. Liu Bei pleads with the others to surrender for his sake only for Zhuge Liang to rush forward and hit him across the face revealing it to be Da Ji in disguise who is stunned that they didn't buy it. And Zhuge Liang tells them that Liu Bei would never put his own life before others.
  • Someone actually managed to create a set of combo videos for the Hack and slash game. More amazingly is how he turns Orochi X, Lu Bu, Keiji or Tadakatsu into nothing more than punching bags. Either by insane loads of damage or a really long, showy combo
  • Each of the character's final battle quotes against Orochi X in the third game.
  • Each of the intros have their own awesome charm to them.
    • The first game's intro first begins with Lu Bu and Tadakatsu, the most overpowered characters of their own series, confronting each other on boats in a whirlpool. Cut to soldiers attacking a castle with arrows and cannons, and Zhao Yun and Yukimura, the poster boys, jump down proceed to massacre the enemy. Cut back to Lu Bu and Tadakatsu, who finally lock weapons and start duelling. When we reach Zhao Yun and Yukimura, all the archers and cannons focus on them, but Kanetsugu just stops all the projectiles in their tracks, and Da Qiao appears to cause a tornado. It all ends with Lu Bu and Tadaktsu locking weapons
    • Second game's intro has Cao Pi, Masamune and Magoichi fight off the Orochi army while completely surrounded. As the fight wears on Masamune and Magoichi begin attacking Cao Pi with rapid fire from their guns, and Cao Pi proceeds to ricochet every bullet to hit their enemies. When a cannon's prepared, Ieyasu proceeds to destroy with his cannon spear before flinging it up to Huang Zhong who proceeds to fire it with his bow. Soon Cao Pi, Masamune, Magoichi joined by Sun Shang Xiang fling their weapons to join Ieyasu's cannon spear, and Ginchiyo ends by using her lightning to power up the weapons. The end result is a massive explosion which wipes out the entire army. Soon after, and evil presence begins appearing, and we get a close up of Cao Pi slashing the screen which cuts to Mitsuhide making a slash at the original intro to bring forth the new title.
    • Orochi 3's intro has Hydra roar, and attack with the serpentine generals. Sima Shi, Zhao and Wang Yuanji proceed to destroy a group before moving to another area, and the camera closes up to Zhao Yun and Yukimura fighting off reptilian forces before jumping on one of the Hydra's backs and fighting reptilian forces on the back. When they jump off, Kunoichi, Kotaro and Hanzo all appear to fight the serpentine forces on the hydra. Camera then shifts focus to Meng Huo, Xu Zhu, Cao Ren, Yoshihiro, Benkei and Goemon slamming the ground and causing a shockwave that stops all surrounding enemies. Soon Kai, Bao Sanniang, Xiaoqiao, Sun Shangxiang, Yueying and Lianshi are about to get hit by a fireball, but they all join hands and jump over it. As the figthing rages on, more playable characters begin dying, but Kaguya appears, and heals all the playable officers. Soon the entire Warriors Orochi 3 cast joins together, and a single flash surges through all of them until Zhao Yun and Yukimura draw their spears with energy surging forth.
  • Orochi X, Daji and Kiyomori's dream mode battle definitely accounts for this. Long story short, Orochi X's army (consisting of the pre-mentioned three characters, Sun Wukong, Himiko, Masamune and various Non Player Characters) have been surrounded by the leaders of the 4 different major factions of Warriors Orochi 2 (Sakon, Sun Jian, Liu Bei and Cao Cao) at Koshi Castle, and this doesn't count all the reinforcements and allies they have which include the likes of Yoshitsune, Nobunaga, Zhang Jiao and his phantoms, the Mystics, Taigong Wang, Nuwa and Fu Xi, Shingen and Kenshin and even Lu Bu and Tadakatsu will enter the battlefield just to hunt the player down. All of this goes on with Orochi's theme playing throughout the stage. The amount of adrenaline and destruction that is induced and released to this battle is absolutely stunning.
  • One of the DLC levels in 3 Ultimate has Miyamoto Musashi wanting to have a friendly duel with Nemea, only the area they want to have their fight is overrun by the demon army. The two of them almost casually wipe out both the demon army and their respective rivals before finally getting their one-on-one.
  • Another DLC level has all of Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Shangxiang fighting alongside Nemea to drive the demon army out of his homeland. It's very satisfying to trigger the trio formation and watch all three badass siblings charging the demons together.