Heartwarming / Video Girl Ai

Video Girl Ai

  • The last few pages of the epilogue: where Moemi, Takashi and Nobuko are seen doing well in their lives... as Ai definitely returns to Youta's side.
  • From Video Girl Len, the reunion between Yota and the Old Man, with Yota finally finding out that his old ally had survived Rolex and the Old Man discovering that they did succeed, and Ai became human.

Video Girl Len

  • Youta's role as a mentor to Hiromu. He's really matured since his own adventure with Gokuraku merchandise and helps Hiromu with his awkward ways, including explaining how Len's rather drastic reaction to things is her clumsy way of helping him. He even tells Len 'Good Luck' when they part ways, knowing what she is and what her job entails.
  • After Toshiki and Hiromu (mostly Toshiki), got rid of Ayumi's ex-boyfriend and his gang for good, Len asks Ayumi to please accept Hiromu's confession when he tells her. Ayumi hesitates slightly and admits with a blush that she hopes he'd agree to be her boyfriend.
  • Ayumi and Hiromu hit a very rough patch when she feels like he isn't listening to her at all and misunderstands, thinking he brought another girl to 'their' café on her birthday. Len tries to help by telling Hiromu that he needs to remember where he originally was with Ayumi and tells him to draw her without any reference because she's 'in his heart'. Try as he might, Hiromu cannot remember her face and only the places they've been to on their numerous dates. Eventually, he remembers a beach trip they took with Toshiki and Len and Hiromu manages to draw Ayumi's face again. Ayumi is moved to tears when she sees the drawing.
  • Len's runtime will end on Christmas Eve and yet Toshiki and Hiromu are much too tired to spend her last day with her. Trying to keep her spirits up, Len decides to watch the illuminating of the city's Christmas Tree... which hits a little snafu and is revealed to spell out 'Goodbye, Len' and Toshiki and Hiromu are there to say goodbye. Hiromu's relationship with Ayumi is going well and even Toshiki has managed to find love. Hiromu clumsily hands Len a flower bouquet and she cries happily, waving goodbye as she disappears. And that flower bouquet becomes part of her video's cover.