Fridge / Video Girl Ai

  • So many people have wondered how , in Video Girl Len (the sequel), a guy who's EXTREMELY perverted is able to see the Neo Gokuraku store as soon as it appears. Weren't non-pure-hearted people supposed to not see any of the stores, unless the ones in charge wanted them to (like in the case of the guy who made Mai his Sex Slave as a part of Rolex's experiments)? Actually, Toshiki is a huge pervert and rather shameless about it... but he's also a loyal and sweet friend who sticks by Hiromu's side through thick and thin. Therefore it's less about sexual purity in itself, and much more about a person being kind and faithful to their friends, no matter what their sexual history (or lack thereof) is. In the VGL story, if you have a high libido but also know when to set it aside when your loved ones need it, you'll likely be deemed as worthy of seeing and accessing the Neo-Gokuraku: it's about your heart, not just your genitalia.