YMMV / Video Girl Ai

  • Gateway Series: A classic one for the early 90s American anime/manga fandom.
  • Misblamed: Certain scenes with nudity in several volumes of the manga were edited to add panties or Scenery Censor to cover up Ai's lower body. Since VIZ Media was in the middle of a minor censorship controversy elsewhere, fans tend to blame the company for these edits as well. In reality, it was Shueisha, the original Japanese publisher, which requested Video Girl Ai's creator, Masakazu Katsura, to redraw his own art. This is plainly visible in the second Japanese run of the tankoubon (and all subsequent runs,) which sports these edits, long before Viz even acquired the rights to the series.
  • Sequel Gap: A whopping 26 years between the manga, which ended in 1992, and the sequel TV series Denei Shoujo ~VIDEO GIRL AI 2018~, which airs in 2018 and is set in that year.