Heartwarming / Ultra Fast Pony

  • The ending of "Edgar Allan Poen":
    "So who I had found in my library when the friendship is new? A happy dragon, that's who!"
  • At the end of the first season, despite the Grand Galloping Gala having Gone Horribly Wrong, the Mane Six, Spike and Celestia still found solace in their friendship and start singing together.
  • Despite him being okay it was nice seeing Twilight concerned for Spike when she thought he was gonna die in "How to Control Freaks"
  • At the beginning of "Purple Party Pooper", Twilight is genuinely happy that her friends are going to visit her on her birthday. Of course, they don't make it.
  • They Mane Six all came to Spike's birthday.
  • Rainbow Dash saying she likes talking to Scootaloo, even if she can't understand her in this universe.
  • Despite Rainbow Dash being The Friend Nobody Likes, Twilight still came to visit Rainbow, while she was in the hospital.
  • Applejack trying to dissuade Applebloom from trying to earn Granny Smith's affection, so she doesn't have to endure any more disappointment.
    • Pretty much anytime Applejack shows that she loves Applebloom.
  • Soarin' accepting both Rainbow Dash and Fleetfoot as his daughters. This is probably the only time Rainbow has had a father figure, who actually likes her.
  • Pinkie and Rainbow Dash, actually treating each other like friends (Well, as much as they are capable of.) in Hell Cheeses Over.