Funny / Ultra Fast Pony

  • Applejack thinks Rarity is gay.
    Rarity: "This doesn't prove anything!"
    Applejack: "Stop it or I'm going to stab you in the eye!"
    Rarity: "Ah, would you?...would you?"
  • In the beginning of "The Butts Family", Rarity accuses Applejack of having stolen her tree. She denies it...even if the tree has the word "Rarity" carved in it...and she left a note saying "Ha Ha! I stole your tree! Signed AJ!"
    • Also Applejack is apparently a kleptomaniac.
  • For the same episode, Applejack's cousin thinks Ponyville is racism-free, Applejack tries nervously to confirm this only for Twilight to snicker in the background.
  • The Entire Gala Song
  • Their responses to their Gala dresses:
    Rarity: Dresses are done!
    Fluttershy: Oh my Lord...
    Twilight: a lot of leather.
    Rarity: What? Hang on, those are my personal...umm...let me just put those away...
  • A good portion of the teaser-to-theme transitions. For example, from "Winning":
    Apple Bloom: Do it with the music or I'll have you reported!
    Zecora: In the words of the immortal Mr. Rogers, get the hell off my property!
    Theme music: Frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeends!
  • The Longest Recap is literally UFP Kai, fitting all three seasons into sixteen minutes.
    • "Watching ponies having sex, doo-dah, doo-dah..."
  • Lexington Snowbottom the talking sunflower... and I can already hear a mix of suppressed laughter and regular laughter.
  • " Rainbow Dash, you need to get some mental help or something. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some invisible fairies with terrible Scottish accents to serve alcohol to because I'm their god."
  • Applejack is horrified of the idea of Applebloom listening to Hitler's speeches on the record player, but not for the reasons you might think:
    Applejack: Doesn't she know we have that whole thing on DVD?
  • Maud is a demon summoned by Pinkie for the Apples to start their army to take over the world. She also has a pact against violence.
    Applejack: You summoned me a pacifist destroyer of worlds?