Heartwarming / Tomorrow Never Dies

  • At the end of the Bond Cold Open, Mission Control erupts into relieved cheers and laughter once Bond escapes safely. Having an entire roomful of coworkers rooting for the normally lone-agent-with-no-backup 007 is really rather sweet. Y'know, for a classified anti-terrorist black op, anyway.
    • There's also Robinson's truly terrified, "Get out of there, James", with only seconds to go before the explosion, indicating that they're pretty good friends offscreen.
  • Despite having a destroyed relationship, Bond is still willing to offer to have Paris Carver moved out of Germany to keep her safe when her husband discovers she's a mole.
  • After Bond sends his BMW sailing off the roof of the parking garage, he gives the civilians below a warning to get out of the way by honking the horn the entire time.