Heartwarming / Tomorrow Never Dies

  • At the end of the Bond Cold Open, Mission Control erupts into relieved cheers and laughter once Bond escapes safely. Having an entire roomful of coworkers rooting for the normally lone-agent-with-no-backup 007 is really rather sweet. Y'know, for a classified anti-terrorist black op, anyway.
    • There's also Robinson's truly terrified, "Get out of there, James", with only seconds to go before the explosion, indicating that they're pretty good friends offscreen.
  • Despite having a destroyed relationship, Bond is still willing to offer to have Paris Carver moved out of Germany to keep her safe when her husband discovers she's a mole.
    • When Paris arrives in his apartment, you're expecting Bond to try to seduce or manipulate her for information. Instead he just tells her to "Turn around and go home," since he doesn't want to see her hurt. A touching bit of compassion from Bond, who is usually portrayed as a steely assassin.
  • After Bond sends his BMW sailing off the roof of the parking garage, he gives the civilians below a warning to get out of the way by honking the horn the entire time.