Heartwarming / The World Is Not Enough

  • After meeting Q's successor, Bond says "You're not leaving any time soon... are you?" It's subtle, but you can tell that Bond is saddened by Q's impending retirement.
    • And then you remember the scene, whether intended as that at first or not, eventually became a real-life sendoff for Desmond Llewelyn, who had played the character for thirty-six years, almost the entire run of the series up to that point, due to Llewelyn's death shortly after the release of the film in a car accident.
    • His last words in the scene plus the way he leaves by secret elevator deserve an honorable mention.
    Q: I've always tried to teach you two things. First, never let them see you bleed.
    Bond: And the second?
    Q: Always have an escape plan.
  • It's twisted, but there's a decidedly WAFFy quality to Renard and Elektra's scenes together. It's fairly easy to forget you're watching a spy flick rather than a romantic dramedy, and that the two people onscreen are brutal terrorists whose relationship is seriously screwed up on almost every level.
  • Valentin Zukosky is willing to use his last breath bullet to break Bond out of his restraints and sacrifice his chance at getting revenge on Elektra King