Heartwarming / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

  • Jasmine in Episode 8, when her Dark and Troubled Past is revealed and saves a boy who has similar problems.
    • Even better in Ten Years After, Jasmine married that boy and they have a child.
  • Still in Episode 8, and again relating to Jasmine's Dark and Troubled Past: On a rainy day, Doggie Kruger saves her from being killed by an Alienizer whose crime she witnessed. She actually wanted the criminal to kill her, because she reached her breaking point since her psychic power is "always on", forcing her to hear what everyone is thinking. Doggie gives her a pep-talk and a hug, and when the rain stops, the two of them look up at the beautiful rainbow overhead.
  • In the preview of episode 12 where Umeko hugs Amy when the narrator did the the show's "On the Next Episode of..." Catchphrase "Aiming at your heart, target lock!"
  • In the last episode. The Dekarangers have just deleted Agent Abrella, the primary antagonist of this Sentai show. They contact Doggie Kruger to tell him that, but remember that Abrella told them he killed Doggie. The group remark that he's in heaven now. Then, Doggie asks them over their communcatior "Who's in Heaven?" They look behind them to see that he's alive and they all embrace him a hug. Doggie and Swan then say they are the best in the SPD. It's capped off with Doggie giving each one of the Dekarangers a hug, and they're all crying tears of joy (Even Hoji!)
  • Dekaranger vs Abaranger where Mikoto wishes the teams well and gives his regards to Asuka's daughter (Rije/Rijewel, now returned to a baby and re-named after Mikoto) before fading into thin air.
  • Episode 34. Sen-Chan hugs the alien boy he thought to be killed by the alienizers and was extremely happy to see that he's well. So touching.
  • Episode Thirty Eight: Cycling Bomb. Ban is riding a bicycle with a piglet-like alien named Yaako, who is turning away from her life of crime and tattling on her partner in exchange for leniency. Her partner, anticipating this, rigged the bike with a bomb that will blow up if it's speed drops below twenty-five kilometers an hour. Yaako repeatedly tells Ban to leave her behind and save himself, but instead promises he'll stick with her to the end, having her hold his SP License as proof. She's so touched by this that, just as they're going over a cliff, she reaches maturity and flies them both to safety.
  • Episode 46. Sen's concern for Umeko throughout the episode is heartwarming in itself, but of note is towards the end. Umeko has discovered that her fiance is a con-man who wanted to kill her and proceeds to delete him singlehandedly. Afterwards, she forces herself to be happy until Sen-chan tells her that she doesn't have to force it. Cue her running to him and crying in his arms, as he just holds her.
  • Episode 4 has Ban kicking Hoji in the face while Hoji's depressed after making a major mistake at a hostage exchange. It becomes heartwarming when you factor in that Ban actually did so to bring Hoji out of his depression and out of concern for his team-mate. It works.
    • It's also crossed with a Funny Moment when you see Ban's reaction.
  • Episode 19. Hoji got body-swapped with an Alienizer, and a lot of his friends looked like they got along better with the doppelganger better, putting Hoji into a depression, especially when he realized that it's no wonder everyone preferred the doppelganger when he's mostly an aloof jerk. In the end, everyone figured out the mystery and stood for Hoji anyway, with Ban recognizing that it's not Hoji if he's not a jerk or if he happily called Ban 'partner' (that should be Ban's line).