Characters / Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

Special Police Dekaranger

Banban "Ban" Akaza / Deka Red | Actor: Ryuji Sainei

Newcomer of the Earth branch of SPD. Ban is a hyperactive, Hot-Blooded officer calling himself the 'fireball' of the team, which means he'd be the guy who'll charge headlong into battle and leave the thinking for later, which gets him at odds with Hoji. Despite his brashness, he's still a good guy at heart. Later gets promoted into the Fire Squad. Prefers fighting with dual guns.

Houji "Hoji" Tomasu / Deka Blue | Actor: Tsuyoshi Hayashi

A cold, calculating cop who strives for perfection in most of things. He didn't take the addition of Ban very well since he replaced an officer he respected, but he soon came to warm up with him. Known for his sniping skill, Hoji is a reliable officer, even if he guns down anyone not a 'pro', like Ban or Umeko. He also has a nasty habit of saying Gratuitous English A LOT.

Senichi "Sen-chan" Enari / Deka Green | Actor: Yousuke Ito

An odd officer. Sen likes to do a headstand pose, which is his thinking pose. With that, he's usually able to solve lots of mysteries, making him one of the greatest brains in the team. He's usually calm, polite and overall a Nice Guy. Doing lots of atrocious things in front of him, however, will REALLY piss him off and he's ready to go batshit on the evildoer.

Marika "Jasmine" Reimon / Deka Yellow | Actress: Ayumi Kinoshita

Jasmine is an ESPer, which means she possesses psychic powers which she can use to read people's minds or trace past events from an item. Tall, beautiful and playful at times, she actually hides a painful past of her being unable to control her Psychic Powers, which made her read how people were annoyed with her and this made her attempt to get herself killed by an Alienizer, until Doggie Kruger saved her. She's really good friends with Umeko. Fans love her and adore her beauty and hotness.

Koume "Umeko" Koudou / Deka Pink | Actress: Mika Kikuchi

Second newest member of the SPD (the newest one is Ban). Umeko is a laid-back, ditzy girl who likes to spend her time bathing with her toy-ducks. Rather impulsive, she likes declaring herself the leader of the team (nobody takes it seriously). She's good friends with Jasmine, and as the finale shows, she ends up falling for Sen and is dating him.

Tekkan "Tetsu" Aira / Deka Break | Actor: Tomokazu Yoshida

A member of the Tokkyou special forces branch of SPD, Tekkan is a consummate professional originally sent to Earth to deal with the Hell Siblings. Although originally seeing the Dekarangers as inferior due to Tokkyou teaching that emotions only compromised efficiency, he changed his tune when Ban showed him just how much they could accomplish.


Doggie "Boss" Kruger of Anubis / Deka Master | Voice Actor: Tetsu Inada
Emergency! Deka--

Swan Shiratori of Cygnus / Deka Swan | Actress: Mako Ishino

Lisa Teagle / Deka Bright | Actress: Mie Nanamori

Mari Gold Utahime / Deka Gold | Actress: Chiharu Niiyama

  • Bling-Bling-BANG!
  • Faux Action Girl: The one time in the whole movie she transforms, she gets beaten out of it right after the Face On.
  • Guns Akimbo: Like Ban, Marie has her own set of dual guns called the D-Smasher.
  • Hello, Nurse!
  • Punny Name Named after a flower. One of which she puts in the pocket of Ban's shirt at the beginning and end of the movie.
  • Ship Tease: With Ban.
  • Time Stands Still: A power of hers that she conveniently forgets she has when facing the villains so the Dekarangers have something to do in their own movie.


Agent Abrella | Voice actor: Ryusei Nakao

  • Big Bad
  • Famous Last Words: "Don't think it'll end by defeating me! As long as people exist in the universe, crime will never disappear! Everyone possesses the same ambition that I do!"
  • The Man Behind the Man: He's behind all of the Alienizer crimes.