Heartwarming / The Spectacular Spider-Man

  • In the pilot, Peter saves Norman Osborn from the Vulture (despite his clearly having brought it on himself) because he can't bear to see Harry lose his father.
    Peter: I can't let Harry lose his dad the way I lost Uncle Ben.
  • In an early episode, Peter dodges water balloons that Flash is throwing at him thanks to his Spider-Sense...then realizes he shouldn't jeopardize his secret identity and starts allowing the balloons to hit him. Right when Flash is about to throw another one, Gwen steps between the two to defend Peter (and also cuts Flash down with a wisecrack about his passing skills).
    • Adding to it is Peter's co-worker's son, Randy, gets involved and puts his arms around Peter and Gwen and moves them along, making Flash unable to throw again.
  • J. Jonahs Jameson of all people gets one in "The Invisible Hand" when his office is attacked by The Rhino. When Rhino demands he tell him where Peter Parker is(wanting to use the photographer to find Spider-Man) Jameson notices Peter has just entered the Bugle. He immediately tells Rhino that he's never met Peter and he sends his Spidey pics by email, while motioning for Peter to run.
  • Uncle Ben, helping Peter defeat the Symbiote Suit in his mind, allowing him to rip it off in reality.
    • The entire montage of Spidey saving people and talking to his friends too.
    • "No one's denying the great work we've done. But how were we repaid? We have no, money, no girl, no real friends... none that is, save us." "I beg to differ."
  • Also during the last two minutes of the season 1 finale, when Gwen kisses Peter and we hear Eddie's voiceover, "We know who you love the most."
    • Also during that episode Peter pretends to surrender to the Symbiote, but when it tries to merge with him again it comes face to face with Peter and a manifestation of all the important people in his life as a defence against it — with Gwen and Aunt May being the closest to Peter. The Symbiote didn't stand a chance.
    Peter: You're a disease. They're the cure.
  • The end of the second season's Christmas Episode, in which Peter gives Aunt May a framed photo of him, her and Uncle Ben.
    Peter: I just figured...it's our first Christmas without him. I wanted to find a way to...
    May: He's here, Peter. He's always here.
    • And in the same episode, Gwen thinks Peter has been crushed by the giant Christmas tree in Times Square (when he was off fighting the Sinister Six as Spider-Man) and when he resurfaces (with an obligatory lame excuse), she throws away all her frustration with him and throws her arms around him in one of the most adorable glomps ever. Then, of course, she starts chewing him out, but it's still adorable considering the state of their relationship at this point.
  • Sandman of all people gets two in "First Steps". First. when he Helps an adorable little girl create an elaborate sandcastle to stop her from being mocked by two Jerk Ass teens. And then there's his Heroic Sacrifice at the end-the fact that he seems to be OK afterwards doesn't change a thing.
    Spider-Man You wanted a big score Marko? Far as I'm concerned, you just scored as big as a man can.
  • In "Subtext," when Peter arrives on the scene at the end of the episode when Mark Allan is being taken away by the police, Liz accosts him by shouting: "Perfect! Take all the pictures you want!" His response? "That's not why I'm here." Then he hugs her, and she breaks down in his arms. It seems Pete's learned his lesson about being considerate of others in those situations.
    • Also, Mary Jane and Liz bonding as friends over their mutual pain over losing Mark.
  • At the end of the "Master Planner" episode, Peter is pinned under a mountain of rubble as water begins to trickle in. He almost gives up — then he sees Gwen lying unconscious nearby and has a burst of Heroic Willpower.
    Peter: Can't... budge... it... so cold... muscles stiff... no... This is it. I fought the good fight... did my best... foiled Doc's plan. No one can ask any more of me... (sees Gwen lying unconscious nearby) What am I doing? I can't give up, not with Gwen depending on me! (lifts the pile of debris off of him)
    • Might lean also into tearjerker territory because this implies if it wasn't for Gwen he'd just let himself die. No one else to see him or miss him and not even a giant fight to go out on. The Webslinger might have silently died due to the ceiling caving in on him.
  • A rather twisted one in "Final Curtain". Circumstances aside, considering how seeing his son as a disappointment is a major character trait, it was kind of nice to hear Norman say he'd "never been prouder" of Harry.
  • Remember how Norman was quoting lines from Midsummer Night's Dream all through "Opening Night?" How did Norman learn all the lines? Well the answer is obvious, he was helping Harry practice his lines for the school play.