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Spider-Man is the biggest Marvel character; he is the jewel in the crown. Such an amazing icon, he is a very different type of hero because he is, quite simply, the greatest super hero of all time.
-Kevin Feige, director of Spider-Man: Homecoming from this video.

Spider-Man comics

  • In the earlier days of Spider-Man, he was allowed his great triumphs. His triumph at the end of the Master Planner arc to save Aunt May's life is a great big ball of heartwarming on Peter overcoming the odds to save his Parental Substitute.
  • Issue #181 of Amazing Spider-Man has Spidey visiting Ben's grave, as well as May later on (with Spidey observing her from the trees). Although it's mostly a recap on Spidey's life and the people around him, the ending is incredibly sweet. Spidey leaves the microscope Ben bought for him during his high school days as a gift of remembrance, wrapped in web, thanking his uncle for giving him the strength to continue fighting crime. Then, as Spidey swings off into the night, the caretaker arrives to work the graveyard shift. The caretaker laments that he is working while he should be at home with his son, Tommy, celebrating his birthday. Tommy is gifted, but is picked on by everyone else because he doesn't fight. The caretaker also wishes that he could afford to give a truly meaningful present to Tommy this year. Then, the caretaker stumbles upon the microscope, and joyfully takes it home as a birthday present to his son.
  • Issue #186. After being hounded by the police for months for crimes he didn't do and shunned by New Yorkers thanks to Jameson's claims, Spidey is finally found innocent of causing Captain Stacy's death. Even better, many New Yorkers interviewed are actually happy that Spidey got his due. Best of all, Flash sticks up for Spidey when the Chameleon tries to discredit him, and the issue ends with a cheering crowd carrying Spidey through the streets. Of course, the guy still has to deal with insane press conferences, but it's nice to see things look up for Spidey for once.
  • The wedding of Peter and Mary Jane. Even though they both arrived late, it still went off without a hitch. No supervillains wrecking things, no objections, just a happy ceremony with all the supporting cast coming out to watch.
  • When Peter thought MJ was dead, he ended up lashing out and attacking the Hulk, while yelling how no one was ever going to hurt anyone he cared about ever again and how MJ was still alive, and the Hulk... basically just stood there and said:
    Bug Man's wife dead? Hulk's wife dead too. Hulk sorry.
  • After going through trial separation due to everything she put up with, Mary Jane finally agrees to get back together with Spidey, with both of them promising to do better this time around... then One More Day happened...
  • It should be noted that Stan Lee has never put the characters through One More Day, and they remain Happily Married in the newspaper strip continuity, as well as in the Marvel Comics 2 continuity.
  • The Kid Who Collected Spider-Man was an short back-up story in an otherwise forgettable issue. Spidey reads a newspaper article about a kid who idolizes him and wants to meet him. Spidey goes to visit the kid. They talk, the kid shows him his (very impressive) Spider-Man memorabilia collection. The kid also asks him "how does Peter Parker get all those great pictures of you?" which Spidey kind of dodges (since he is Peter Parker), and pesters him to tell him his secret identity, which he refuses to reveal. Spidey then starts to leave... turns back... and explains that Peter Parker gets those great photos of him because... he is Peter Parker. And then takes off his mask. Spidey then leaves, and we see him standing on a wall in front of the building the kid was in, and a sign reveals it's a hospital. Spidey is unmasked, and the "camera" pulls in, and he's crying. And we see the rest of the newspaper article. The reporter writes that he really hopes Spider-Man sees the article, because the kid has leukemia, and his doctors say he has only a few weeks to live.
  • After the whole fiasco with the clones, and the return of the Green Goblin, and the loss of his unborn child, Spidey is finally getting back to his roots. As he patrols the city, he stops to harass J. Jonah Jameson one more time. But when he sees Jameson alone at his desk, hours after his employees have gone, still working late into the night, Spidey decides not to play his usual pranks. Instead, he taps on the window, eliciting an angry tirade from Jonah. Spidey then calmly says, "Jonah, it's late. Go home."
  • Annual 18 of Amazing Spider Man has Mac Gargan, hell-bent on ruining Jonah's life again, break out of prison and become the Scorpion again to kidnap Dr. Marla Madison on their wedding day. Jonah is so terrified at their kidnapping that he gets a taxi and races to find Marla, eventually finding the Scorpion dragging her into an alley. Jonah pleads with the Scorpion, revealing he was the one that paid for Gargan's medical care, but the Scorpion jeers at him. Then, John Jameson, who angrily confronted his father over marrying Marla, overhears Jonah pleading for Marla to run so Mac Gargan can kill him instead. Realizing how strong their love is, Jonah's son rushes in to fight, but Gargan sends him sprawling with his tail blast. The Scorpion then offers Jonah a Sadistic Choice: should he spare Marla or John from Gargan's wrath? What follows truly shows that, despite how highly Jonah thinks of himself and his ongoing mission to ruin Spidey's career, Jonah Jameson is still a good man.
    Jonah: (gesturing to himself) Me! Take me! I'm the one you want. Marla and my son have done nothing to you—nothing. Let them go—don't hurt them. Just take me.
    Gargan: Thanks, Jameson. I need that. I've been waiting' years for this minute. But yer dumber than ya look if you think I'd let anyone walk outta here alive. Maybe I'll save you fer last.
    Jonah: (falling to his knees) NO!
    Gargan: Go on, beg. It's music to my ears. I'm the Scorpion! I got the power of life and death. And this where I'm gonna use it!
    Spidey: That's the idea, dummy.
    Jonah: (Picking up his wife-to-be and son) Quick! Now's our chance.
    (Spidey and Gargan begin fighting as the Jamesons flee)
    Jonah: That's it, keep moving. Don't stop for anything.
  • The Watcher is usually The Stoic, but this Christmas issue of Spider-Man... it's just so sweet, it made me cry! Here's the link: Small Miracles.
  • Issue #591 had the Fantastic Four regain their memories of Spider-Man's identity from before the One More Day Reset Button caused everyone to forget who Spider-Man is under the mask. You can see it here, complete with a nice bit of foreshadowing towards Spidey joining the FF after Johnny's death.
  • From the Spider-Man: Fever miniseries, there's a sweet moment at the end where Spidey notices that he and Doctor Strange make similar hand gestures. Heartwarming in a corny way.
  • Nice small one. In Venom #18 (2012), Flash-Venom has to rescue Betty from falling to her doom, in a situation more than a little similiar to the famous Gwen Stacy one. They instantly do so, instinctively telling her to go limp and everything. It's obvious this is because the symbiote picked up on Peter's constant replaying of that moment while he wore it.
  • The final scene of Spider Island. After working together to save the world, Peter and Mary Jane take a moment to watch over the city.
    Peter: Look at 'em, MJ. A whole city. And they all walked a mile in my shoes.
    MJ: No. Just the wall-crawling parts. Everything that really matters is still right here, tiger.
  • In the Big Time arc, May has used her new political connections to get Peter his dream job at Horizon Labs. As Peter walks towards the door, a panel from Amazing #1 appears (where the recently-widowed May tells him to continue his studies so he could become a scientist). She then looks towards the sky and says, "He did it, Ben."
  • After Harry rescues Spider-Man in the nick of time in Spectacular #200.
    Harry: I did it, Peter. Just the way... you would've done it. A real hero.
    Spider-Man: Why, Harry? Why'd you come back for me?
    Harry: Hey... what else could I do? You're my best friend.
  • The cover to the returning Amazing Spider-Man #1. After the debacle that was Superior Spider-Man, seeing Peter in the red-and-blues once more with the biggest smile on his face, you just can't help to be happy once more.
  • At the end of the original symbiote story arc, after Peter has managed to remove the symbiote using the church bells and passes out, its last act before (seemingly) dying is to move him to safety.
  • In the weirdest example of this considering the character, Carnage provides a slight example simply because the symbiote will stop at nothing to keep Cletus safe in defiance of whatever advantages a different host would have over him. At one point, It seems like Carnage has hit the top, after taking over Silver Surfer, the herald of the creature that instills fear in it's entire race on a genetic level. However, after learning that its first host is on the verge of death due to a mixture of health complications and the sheer amount of time since they were separated, the symbiote scarcely thinks twice about abandoning the Surfer and all the power that would entail in favor of reuniting with Cletus.
  • Throughout Mark Millar's run, Spidey is put through all kinds of Hell - Aunt May is kidnapped; Jameson offers a massive cash reward to anyone who can learn Spidey's identity; an attempt to stop the Vulture's latest spree goes horribly, horribly wrong and lands Peter Parker in the hospital; Mary Jane's poor investments result in the Parkers verging on bankruptcy; the Venom symbiote is sold to an angry little virgin who goes on a rampage; and Spidey learns that there really is an honest-to-God conspiracy to make his life miserable, culminating in a battle with the Sinister Six as Spidey is desperately rushing to save Aunt May from a death trap. Naturally, by the end of it, Peter Parker is just about ready to quit... and then Aunt May tells him that there's an actual website that has calculated the number of lives he's saved over the years. It's a very large number.
  • In Spider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do, Black Cat can be seen messing with one of Jameson's "Spider-Man is a menace" billboards while she's having an inner monologue about her past with Peter. The next page shows the billboard now with one simple word written over it: "WRONG"
  • Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #38: For such a quiet issue, it's a roller coaster of emotions. To wit: Aunt May has finally figured out that Peter Parker is Spider-Man and dropped by his apartment to have a serious talk with him about it. She is still noticeably rattled with the revelation, but she keeps herself strong as she manages to make Peter come clean about his double life. There's a Tear Jerker moment when Peter tells her that it's because of him that Uncle Ben died, and then May takes the blame for herself because Ben had only gone out to have his fateful meeting with the burglar because they had an argument and he wanted to go for a walk to let things cool off. There's a Funny Moment when May says that she figured Peter was hiding something, but the way he hid it made her think he was gay. And the end result falls under here because Peter is finally able to purge his ghosts with someone he can trust, and while not liking the idea of her surrogate son going out to put his life on the line every night, May still tries to take it as well as she can, for the love she has for her nephew.
    Peter: (narrating) For all the years I wore [the Spider-Man costume], I always felt as if I was hiding more than my name. I was hiding who I was. Hiding from the world. From myself. And from her. For the first time, as I put it on, I feel not confined, but free. She has given me that freedom. And I know it cost her. However much she put on a brave face... I know this must have cost her terribly. And I'll make that up to her, somehow. Because May is right. Our great power, and our great responsibility, is to one another. And I won't lie to her again. I won't let her down. Ever.
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #16: Despite their companies competing over a contract, Liz Allen and Peter Parker still get along rather well...their employees... not so much.
  • After Betty Brant is mugged and injured, Peter tries to find her attacker, instead of going to the hospital to see her, but after he speaks with Aunt May, he decides to visit her and they spent the reminder of the night watching movies in the same did they did when they dated.
  • Spider-Man allowing Morbius to take some of his blood, with permission this time, after it turns out Morbius bought a vial of his blood to try to create a cure for the zombie virus his best friend Werewolf by Night is infected with, in Amazing Spider-Man #622.
    Spider-Man: Let's get this over with quick, huh? I get woozy around needles.
    Morbius: It's all right. I have apple juice.
  • Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1: We find out that Max Modell, Peter's old boss at Horizon, willingly invited him back into his little family by inviting him to his wedding with Hector Baez. Even more, Peter is able to give him a wonderful wedding gift - turning the Parker Institute of Technology he invited Max to run into Horizon University, giving him back a piece of what he lost due to Otto's arrogance.
  • In #3 of the same run, Pete has bought the Baxter Building. Johnny Storm is not happy about this, and confronts Peter about it. When Pete finally gets Johnny to stop fighting, he shows him the building's lobby, which has a huge statue of the Fantastic Four and family - a way for people to know that the Baxter Building will always be home to the Fantastic Four. Turns out Peter bought the place because a bunch of other companies were trying to buy it, and he outbid all of them in order to hold onto it until the Fantastic Four are back. Johnny's response?
    Johnny Storm: Until it does, I'm glad it's staying with family.
    • Even more important is that we, the readers, didn't yet know when this issue saw print why Sue, Reed, Valeria, and Franklin are missing. But In-Universe? Peter was involved in the Secret Wars and remembers, per Word of God that those involved will. So, whatever happened to them, Peter is reassuring not only Johnny, but the readers, that the others will be back, somehow, someday.
    • It's also worth nothing that Peter hired Alicia Masters to sculpt the statue. Who else would have done it justice?
  • Peter has Harry Osborn (now Lyman) working as his VP at the Baxter Building, as well as Clayton Cole (former low level henchman Clash). He believes in giving second chances, he says. When Clayton dons his Clash gear to stop the Human Torch from trashing Peter's office, Peter gives him a mild reprimand, but says he isn't going to fire him, although he says they will have a talk about it later.
    Harry: That, Johnny, is why Peter is my best friend. He never gives up on me. I'm not an Osborn to him. I'm just "Harry."
  • It's worth noting that while it usually doesn't work, Spidey is often quick to try the Talking the Monster to Death approach, or even telling a villain, or reformed villain, You Are Better Than You Think You Are. Many of his former foes have tried going straight, as well, sometimes inspired by him.
  • Chief Inspector Sun, Spider-Man's new Friend on the Force, saying while some fear that villains are being attracted to his city because of the Wall-Crawler, he still thinks well of him.
    • Apparently Parker Industries has been helping the Shanghai Police Dept since opening its main China office.
  • The ending of Spiderman Blue in which Peter discovers MJ has been listening to his message to Gwen, and instead of getting angry at her husband like he fears, she merely asks that he say hi to Gwen for her. An amazing case of proving Mary-Jane understands that despite how much she and Peter love each other, she will never take Gwen's place, and vice-versa, and a beautiful reminder that MJ loved Gwen too, and that she still deeply misses her friend.