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Hobie Brown will become Prowler
Hobie Brown's importance will grow through out season three until he becomes inspired to do his own round of costumed adventuring, hopefully giving Peter a solid supporter that won't go insane and try and kill him.

Doctor Octavius is being controlled by his tentacles
The Master Planner is Otto, but how was he controlling the Sinister Six under 24 hour supervision? And exactly what was that chip that melted and caused his freak out in the first season?

Just like in Spider-Man 2, that chip was to control the artificial intelligence in the tentacles. When it exploded, the AI in them shaped their personality from Otto's repressed feelings (that is, wanting to horribly maim his boss and - if this has even a sliver of his comic life-before-freakout, hoo boy...) and basically became the voices in his head. In the first Sinister Six episode, the voices stayed because he still had the main part of the harness attached to him. It seems it was removed in the second SS episode, making him realize what he'd done, regret it, and revert back to meek (and exceedingly adorable) Doctor Otto Octavius. And the AI tentacles controlling the SS alone makes sense when you realize they have the good doctor's cold-calculating and homicidal side in them. Theory still has a few kinks in it, but unless it's Jossed completely...
  • If this theory is correct, then Otto's Woobie status has effectively quadrupled.
  • I believe this theory has been jossed by Greg Weisman on Station 8.
  • Plus, Otto still had the harness in Ravencroft.
Octavius is in control of the tentacles, but not of sound mind.
From the start, Otto was shown as a meek, passive personality. This, in and of itself, isn't mentally healthy to begin with because it opens up a person to victimization and causes them to sublimate their anger in dysfunctional ways. (Never asserting yourself and instead indulging in violent fantasies, for example.) Otto's anger issues were preexisting; it's not the tentacles that altered his personality, but rather the brain damage and emotional trauma from the massive electromagnetic shock he received,, rather like the comics. Extreme shock can damage the brain to the point of altering one's personality. In Ock's case, we have disinhibition of anger isssues and newfound megalomania. His current state is either reflective of total dissociative identity disorder or a fantastic act, put on to give him a chance at freedom. Under the guise of being kidnapped, he can act freely as the Planner and Ock. (Maybe he's sending instructions through an intermediary, like Chameleon.) He could even be freed later on if the gullible Dr. Kafka believes he was pressganged into the Planner's service against his will. But if Otto's personality really has split, the idea that his "Evil Side" was able to plan accordingly is even more awesome.
  • Either this theory is canon, or Otto was lying.
    • Partially confirmed. Ock gloats at his own mad acting skillz, but the intermediary and controller of the harness was Tinkerer.
  • But at the same time, can you really say ANY of Spidey's foes are of 'sound mind'? Green Goblin, Electro, Venom... they all have some form of psychosis.

Black Cat's father murdered Uncle Ben.
The man that stole Sullivan Edwards's money and killed Ben is rather pointedly called a "cat burglar," rather than a robber or thief. The black-and-white nature of the flashback confuses things, but he appears to be platinum blond like a certain kitty Spidey knows. Who wants to bet that, as in the comics, thievery runs in the family? After her father was arrested, Cat decided to succeed her father.
  • <golf clap>
  • Spidey says the header verbatim. Shout-Out?
  • Thou art blessed with the sight of things to come. Translation: Black Cat's father, Walter Hardy WAS the man who killed Ben. It was also tragic though: he prided himself on never carrying a gun, but as the years went by, he got slower, and scared. In the episode, he is stuck in the Vault, and Black Cat tries to break him out, but decided to remain in the Vault, to keep the other villains sealed in, and to atone for his sins.

Frederick Foswell works for Tombstone
In an inversion of his comic book relationship to the Big Man, Foswell will, after discovering Lincoln's true identity, work to maintain Lincoln's good PR in the press or hush up stories that might expose Lincoln's criminal doings, though not by choice. Tombstone may control Foswell by threatening to harm Foswell's immediate family. Foswell's doings will be exposed after Robbie Robertson, (a childhood friend of Lincoln's in the comics), stumbles on Foswell eliminating evidence Robertson needs for his own investigation of Tombstone.

Foswell is Patch, Tombstone's eyes and ears in the underworld.
As Patch, Foswell keeps his ears to the ground for news of rival bosses. Tombstone doesn't like his thugs getting poached by this "Master Planner" character.

The Secret Identity of the Green Goblin is Emily Osborn.
Emily is alive in this series, and we've seen before that this version of the Spider-Man story features identity swaps on a smaller scale, like Herman Schultz's Shocker. Since two versions of the Green Goblin have been explored before, it makes sense that the writers may want to try something fresh and new. This theory has minor plot support as well: The Goblin is taller than Harry; and at Prom, Harry had purple punch-stained hands and clothes and showed no signs of having changed out of them later that evening after prom. The Goblin confronted Norman later in the series and seemed cheerfully shocked to see him. As for Harry's broken leg, Emily could have snapped Harry's leg and dressed him in the suit; Harry does seem to be prone to blackouts when under the influence of Globulin Green.
  • Jossed, but marvelously lampshaded by Harry. See below.

The Goblin is Norman Osborn.
The confrontation between Norman Osborn and the Green Goblin featured in "The Uncertainty Principle" was a confrontation between Norman as Gobby and The Chameleon, who was executing a covert data theft while disguised as Norman. This explains Gobby's initial surprise giving way to unhinged glee: The Chameleon unwittingly provided Norman with a perfect alibi should his after-business hours activities ever come into question. His drug-addled son provided him with yet another cover story and a reason to get out of town and let things blow over. Norman faked a leg injury in his chase with Spidey, snapped an addled Harry's leg, dressed Harry in the suit, and made plans to travel abroad.
  • Norman being the goblin is also supported when Norman is told that someone is stealing tech. He exclaims, 'What did he steal?' implying that he knows of more then one thief and that this thief is not the same as before.
  • Okay, who here works for the show? That's two in a row. (Hey, that rhymed.)
    • Confirmed. It's a popular theory. But Norman didn't leave town... until now.

Norman has been fully cognizant of Harry's Globulin Green addiction since Harry's first theft of a sample.
Since Norman's been raiding the same corporate cookie jar, he would know what went missing and why. After realizing that Harry happened to be downing a (diluted for mass-market) version of what he himself is snorking, Norman allows Harry to keep stealing samples, perhaps even lacing the last vial with tranquilizers to keep his son insensate while breaking his leg. Going further, Norman may have intended to make his son a perfect patsy even before the Goblin appeared. After explaining its function in Harry's presence, Norman could've deliberately left Globulin samples out for Harry to take weeks in advance of the Goblin's formal debut in an outright Chess Master level of contingency planning.
  • Jossed. Though Osborn made a point of showing the Green to his family, Harry's addiction took him by surprise. Also, it was Harry downing concentrated doses.

The Goblin is Harry Osborn
Harry will return after his tour of Europe looking completely healed... but a small sliver of the Goblin remains. The Goblin, desperate to save himself, will lash out at people Harry cares about to force him to embrace the Goblin (without his knowing that Gobby's behind it). When Norman, Spidey and, subsequently, Harry find out about that Goblin, Goblin gets desperate, takes control of Harry, kidnaps Gwen Stacy (... you know where this is going...), and takes her to the George Washington Bridge; then the fateful confrontation ending with misfortune (what that misfortune is depends on The WB) takes place. Upon realizing what he's done, Harry... (hmm, even if The WB allows Gwen to die, they won't allow suicide) tries to make sure that the Goblin will never return by jumping off the bridge. Peter saves him, but Harry is grievously injured and left in a coma; and all of Peter's friends end up with horrible fates (as usual).
  • Jossed for now. Though the way Harry's going, succeeding his father as the Goblin is possible.

Gwen becomes Carnage (just like in Ultimate Spiderman)
In the eventual attack from the Goblin, Gwen won't be killed but will be grievously injured. Bitter and angry, lying in the hospital, she comes across the Carnage Symbiote. It turns out that the Symbiote managed to split before it was buried, and it uses memories of Gwen from Pete and Eddie's memories to seek her out. They join, and the rest is history. It's similar, sort of... kind of... to Ultimate Spiderman; this show has shown loads of influence from that direction (mostly with Venom).
  • Cletus Kasady makes a cameo in "Reinforcement". Unless the show's throwing another wild card, this is debunked.
  • The Symbiote will split while hiding in the sewers. Perhaps the vial may have caused it. But if Gwen does become Carnage, it may lead to a fight between Gwen/Carnage and Eddie/Venom. The Carnage symbiote gives her some of Eddie's memories. Gwen will learn that Eddie was "the monster" that tried to kill her during the Thanksgiving parade. She'll also learn that Eddie took the vial, causing Miles Warren to take away Dr. Connors' control of the lab. But to her shock, she'll discover that Peter is Spider-Man. The worst is she'll learn that Eddie is trying to destroy Peter. Gwen will confront Eddie alone to protect Peter. Eddie wants the Carnage symbiote returned to "them". Not only will they duke it out, but they'll verbally assault each other. Gwen hates Eddie because he has changed and is no longer her friend. Eddie will justify his actions by telling her about how bad his life really was since his parents' death, remind her how much Peter hurt her at prom, and that Peter doesn't care about anyone but himself. Eddie would not understand how she could love someone like that. When Gwen says that Peter learns from his actions and that he's a better person than Eddie, Eddie snaps and the two continue fighting. It ends with the Carnage symbiote leaving Gwen because Kasady is nearby and the symbiote senses a more kindred spirit in him. Venom now has Gwen at his mercy, but Spider-Man was able to save her.

As of the end of "Identity Crisis", George Stacy knows Spider-Man's identity.
There's nothing directly supporting this, but the end of the episode seems to hint it.
"Wise cracks don't save lives Pete... as I'm sure you know."
  • Confirmed. Stacy's even covering for Peter.
  • He might have known this from the beginning. He may have even been at the abandoned warehouse that night to arrest Walter Hardy, much like in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Otto Octavius has a DCAU counterpart in Sid the Squid
They both are/were short, round, glasses-wearing woobies who use cephalopods as their criminal alter egos. Of course, in the DCAU, Sid never became a supervillain - just a patsy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Alternate theory: "Otto, why can't you be more like your older brother in Gotham!?"
  • Ock was also just a just a patsy who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was "created" by the Goblin.

Doc Ock's blond arm candy was Stunner
Same facial structure, same hair, and hanging out with our tentacled fiend. It'd be nice to see her, too. She was killer. As for the other girl, some people guessed it was SSM's Mary-Alice, or maybe Carolyn Trainer.

Harry becomes the second Green Goblin and tries to remove Peter as a rival for Gwen's affections
As a result, he finds out that Peter is Spiderman. This eventually leads to a fight where Gwen gets between the two of them and gets hurt or killed as a result. Cue Angst on part of both of them.
  • How's this for an evil scenario? Captain Stacy gets killed in the crossfire of a Spidey-Supervillain fight. With his dying breath, he asks Peter, who is currently dressed as Spidey, to watch after Gwen. Gwen comes to stay at the Parkers (mirroring Ultimate Spider-Man) and that setup, after a few episodes, is what fuels Harry's breakdown and leads to him becoming the Goblin and the above mentioned scenario.

Gwen's not going to get tossed off a bridge, or eaten by a symbiote, or anything
Because...it's a new animated adaptation, and those like to change things up. Yes. Also Captain Stacy is fine too!
  • Partially Confirmed, with mild emphasis on partial: Word of God is that as long as the kid-friendly TV series is running, Gwen Stacy will not die. Here's the caveat: Greg Weisman's ultimate plan is for the series to go five seasons, and then branch off into some DTVs that (though they'll skew slightly older) will still be canon. Once the DTVs happen, all bets are off.
  • She died when she was in college, and she's not in college yet.

Hammerhead will become The Hobgoblin.
We see that he's arranging a new villain behind Tombstone's back, presumably to secure a position where he'll be more physically powerful than any other mook. However, Norman Osborn's untimely demise will lead him search and uncover Osborn's secret labs and undergo a similar Goblin origin.
  • He would make an extremely goofy Goblin. And Roderick Kingsley has been introduced already, so...
  • Hammerhead becomes/creates the Hobgoblin to become the new Big Man, and settle a personal score with Tombstone.
  • This is unlikely since Kingsly was introduced.
    • Hammerhead would probably use him as a guinea pig. And then Kingsly turn against him.

The Sin-Eater is already working in the NYPD and will wind up killing Gwen's dad
The only other named cop shares a name with the famous Peter-David-created serial killer. And since Jean DeWolffe isn't significant enough to make an impact, his cop-killing M.O. can only be focused in one direction....

Osborn survived the explosion with help from Mysterio.
  • Think hard about this one, basically, the Mysterio that was sent to prison was a bot, right? So, that could mean that Osborn found out exactly where the real Mysterio was, just to ask Mysterio for help so he could make an escape just in case he failed to defeat Spider-Man.

Gloria Grant will break up with Kenny Kong, again. For good.
In "The Invisible Hand", Gloria was angry when Kenny embarrassed Harry and said out loud that she's had enough with his immature behavior. She mentioned how they would always break up and get back together again, but she said this time she'll break up for good. However, by the next episode "Catalysts", Kenny makes a heart-warming apology to his behavior and wants them to be a couple again. Gloria was so touched that she kissed him and said yes, unintentionally dumping Harry and inadvertently provoking him to take the "Globulin Green". Soon after, Kenny goes back to his childish behavior. It is obvious in Season 2 that Gloria is getting annoyed by Kenny's immaturity. In Season 3 or later on, Gloria will just about had it with Kenny's behavior and will break up with Kenny. She tells him this is the last time and for real.

Eddie Brock ends up at Ravencroft.
Everyone believes Eddie is crazy at the end of "Identity Crisis". He'll be sent to Ravencroft where he'll be treated by Dr. Ashley Kafka, who will try to help him. Dr. Kafka becomes intrigued by Eddie, she believes the Venom alter-ego and the belief that Peter Parker is Spider-Man are manifestations of his hard life, his hatred of Spider-Man, his damaged friendship with Peter. Eddie will encounter Cletus Kasady, and a rivalry will form between them. This might follow a similar storyline from Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which Eddie becomes Venom again, and Kasady, who's desire to have the same power, will attract the Carnage symbiote.

Curt Connors will become the Lizard again.
Because of Eddie stealing a vial in "Identity Crisis", Dr. Miles Warren takes control of the lab. Connors will become frustrated with Warren that it'll trigger his Lizard transformation.

The evil-looking reporter in "Identity Crisis" is Mac Gargan.
If you've seen the episode and still can't figure out who I'm talking about, he's the guy that grabs Gwen when she and Pete step out of the ESU lab. Look at that face and tell me he's not a future supervillain.
  • Yep, that's definitely the face of a future Super villain.
  • In the second season finale, Norman is seen talking with Gargan at the phone, receiving info about the whereabouts of Menken, temporarily suspected to be the Green Goblin, and closes telling him he'll receive a check for his service. So, it seems Gargan is a private detective here, like he originally was in the comics; that reporter could be some future villain (or at least, some unsympatethic supporting character), but not Gargan.
  • During "Identity Crisis" while everyone believes Peter is Spider-Man, he dig into Peter's past and learns of his uncle Ben's murder. He'll dig deeper and learns some rather interesting things about Peter's parents. He'll be stalking Peter for some time even though it was "proven" that Peter isn't Spider-Man. What he's learn about Peter's parents may be part of a new storyline for Season 3, if it ever comes.
    • He may also have been the one who gave Miles Warren the photo of Connors as the Lizard.

Liz Allan will become Firestar.
The last episodes of the second season have been a really hard time for Liz. Depressed about Mark (imagine if they informed the family that he was part of the revolt in the Vault, too) and her failed relationship with Peter, she will come across Miles Warren and, in a way or another, become the subject of a variation of the experiment her brother undertook, acquiring fire-based powers. Since Liz IS Firestar in Ultimate Spider-Man (although she is revealed as a mutant there), from which this series takes several elements...
  • If that happens, then she'll fall in love with Spider-Man, which would complicate his feelings for Gwen.

Miles Warren will become the Jackal.
At the end of the second season, with the Connors gone, Warren has free reign at the ESU. He'll surely go on with his illegal experiments, but will be exposed and cornered at some point. In desperation, he will inject himself with a formula similar to the one used on Kraven, only with jackal DNA, becoming a hybrid strong and fast enough to flee from Spidey and the police. Angry, and maybe slightly insane at that point, he will go on with his work in hiding, with even less ethical constraints. Cloning, anyone?
  • I wonder what his brother Aaron would think?

Liz and Harry will become a couple (like in the original comics).
It's too evident that the relationship between Harry and Gwen isn't going to be a happy one; sooner or later they will break up, especially if Harry realizes he used his father's (apparent) death as a way to make Gwen stay with him out of pity. Then, in a Pair the Spares situation, recovering the wounds of relationships where they never got the same love they gave, he and Liz will find comfort in each other.

Ricochet (Fancy Dan) will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
Well, there's the fact in the comics, Ricochet was a super hero.
  • He may have a similar backstory to the Prowler in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He has a girlfriend who wants him out of the criminal life, but Dan wants wealth and power, which led him to work for Tombstone. Spider-Man might have a part in his decision to become a superhero.

Jean DeWolffe will become a significant character in Season 3.
In the series so far, Jean doesn't like Spider-Man, she sees him as a vigilante who takes the law in his own hands. She doesn't agree with Stan Carter and Captain Stacy that they need him. However, she'll becomes aggravated with Spider-Man's constant interference that she will be manipulated into working for Tombstone as a spy to obtain information of the police and Spider-Man (much like how she worked for Kingpin in Ultimate Spider-Man, if she isn't doing it already). Spider-Man finds out about this and questions her morality, but Jean rebuffs him with her problematic childhood which influence her to become a cop (like in the original comics).

Stan Carter, now Sin-Eater, tries to kill her when he learns of her criminal ties. Spider-Man saves her and Carter is soon arrested. But Jean is still not grateful and blames him for Carter's Face–Heel Turn. It is revealed that Jean and Carter have an off-duty relationship, they've been going out for almost a year.

She comes to a turning point when Captain Stacy ended up getting killed (or severely injured or in a coma), perhaps because of her in some indirect manner. Jean was at the hospital and saw Gwen crying at her father's (death)bed, combined with seeing Spider-Man risking his life saving people from some resultant disaster, made her feel completely guilty. She realized that Captain Stacy is right, Spider-Man IS a hero. She will also swear to George that she'll help take care of Gwen. Jean becomes the new Captain (at least until Stacy, if still alive, recovers). She and Spider-Man then have a heart-to-heart talk and now trusts each other (similar to the original comics and like Batman and Ellen Yin).
  • Doesn't Sin Eater kill DeWolff in the comics?
    • Yes, but in the WMG above, he may try to kill a more significant character.

Red Skull killed Peter's parents
Just like in the comics Peter's parents (and to go with the shows canon, Eddie's parents) were really Agents of SHIELD and the plane they were on was sabotaged by the Red Skull.
  • Which Red Skull?
    • The original probably (for the shows canon anyway).
  • Eddie Brock's parents (or just his father) were also Agents of SHIELD, until they became traitors and work for Red Skull.
    • If that's the case, then them dying in the same plane with the Parkers might be a result of Skull thinking they've outlived their usefulness.
      • They probably would realize too late they've been double-crossed. But maybe not too late to write a message for their son when he gets older to not become evil like them.
  • Considering this wasn't made in-house at Marvel Stuidos, I'd say Jossed just simply by rights issues.

Norman's entire Evil Plan was to...
Learn the secret identity of Spider-Man.
  • When asked by Ned Lee if he believes his protege Peter Parker is Spider-Man, his reply is "no comment."
    • He actually just says "No" after a very drawn-out pause.
  • After seeing the season 2 premiere, I was convinced he already knew.

Randy hopes to turn Sally into a better person.
That's why he hasn't dumped her yet. He would feel a bit like a failure if he broke up before she shows some hints of human qualities.
  • His failure will lead her to become Bluebird.

Aunt May is the real Big Bad of the series.
"Aunt May, you're an evil mastermind!" Of course, she quickly manages to distract Peter with a hot redhead, diverting his attention before he could pursue this train of thought any further.

Sally Avril would have eventually became the hero Bluebird
Just like in the comics. She probably would have eventually mellowed out and decided to be a hero.

If the series continued, Emily Osborn would have a bigger part.
Because she's been strangely quiet so far.
  • To be fair, in the comics and in most adaptations, she's usually dead.
    • Right, but since she obviously isn't dead. Then they're probably planning something for her, unless they decide to kill her off later, contributing to Harry's eventual breakdown. It might be revealed that Emily isn't his mother: she's an impostor and the real Emily died when Harry was a baby or Norman had an affair and took custody of Harry.

Tombstone actually works for Kingpin.
Because Mr. Fisk is the only man capable to run the whole organized crime of New York without nobody realizing someone is actually doing that. Tombstone would have been a very capable rival of his, one smart enough to realize who would have won between them, and so decided to join him. Kingpin accepted, and used him as an additional layer to hide his control of New York.

The Liz Allen/Flash Thompson breakup was mutual
In "Reaction" Flash was keen on having Mary Jane Watson, the girl he danced with previously during the fall formal, at his big football match. Liz was also keen on having Peter come with her and her friends to Coney Island for no real stated reason in the episode and practically spending the whole day with him. It may be possible that they were just losing interest in each other and they were looking for possible rebounds (Flash/MJ and Liz/Peter).

Gwen would have died in the Direct-to-DVD animated films as an ending to the series
Greg Weisman has said that he had no plans to kill Gwen off in the series because "Gwen doesn't die in High School." But the direct to DVD features he wanted to do would have taken place after the series, during the college years. These DVDs would have dealt with darker themes than was possible with the television series. Evidence: [1]!

Felicia Hardy is a schoolmate of Peter, and she and Peter would have learned of each other's secret identities in the third season
The Black Cat was at a Halloween party at 3M High, so we have an hint that she's a student there. On how they learn each other's identities... Well, Peter knows that his uncle's murderer is the father of the Black Cat and is Walter Hardy, and Felicia looks terribly alike the Black Cat (she probably wears a white wig like in Ultimate universe, but apart that she's almost identical), so he just needs Fridge Logic. About Felicia... Well, Peter will probably be hit by Fridge Logic before her and freak out, Felicia will try and help him only to have him run away, and as she wonders about the freak out she'll remember that he owns and fills very well a Spider-Man costume. Hilarity Ensues.

Going with the WMG above, Felicia would end up deciding that Peter is forgivable and setting Harry with Liz Allen
But only as part of building her harem. She'll renounce to kill him, but will still make him pay screwing up with him, building a harem including Gwen, Mary Jane and Peter.

Liz Allen would've become Carnage, if only for a short while
Basically I really have no proof to this theory other than her feeling hopelessly abandoned and bitter after loosing her brother and her boyfriend and thus attracting the symbiote. However she'd probably fight it off after Peter/Spidey makes some sort of breakthrough with her, leading to the symbiote finding a better fitting host much like in the Gwen Stacy theory above.
  • This may lead to Peter taking off his mask to get Liz to trust him, like in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

Sha Shan would've been revealed to be a young Lady Deathstrike.
Her voice actress, Kelly Hu, played Lady Deathstrike in the second X-Men film, hence this theory.
  • Considering this wasn't made in-house at Marvel Stuidos, which had the TV rights to the X-Men, I'd say Jossed just simply by rights issues.

Norman Osborn was the "captain of industry" who hired Black Cat to steal the symbiote.
Because the symbiote/Venom plotline was the only major one that Norma wasn't involved in/responsible for. Him being behind the theft- and therefore indirectly responsible for Peter getting the symbiote and subsequently the creation of Venom- would mean that he has his fingers in everything.

Mary Jane knows Peter is Spider-Man, just like the comics.
It explains why she was fine with Peter ditching her at the dance, why she said "Pete's twice the man you'll ever be" to Eddie after only having known Peter for a few months, and why she didn't want to pursue a romance with him - superhero baggage and all.

If season 3 was made, an episode would involve a school field trip to Florida.
Where Peter and Gwen reunite with the Connors. Martha's the only one who's not happy to see Peter, due to his photo causing them to lose their jobs. That photo completely destroyed her trust in Peter (remember after Peter was rehired he said he won't let them down, and Martha hold him to that). Curt would become the Lizard again, but this time with a bit more intelligence like in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Er, but Peter didn't let them down again; that photo was from the original screw-up.

We saw both Roderick AND Daniel Kingsley in "Accomplices".
It definitely explains his sudden change in demeanor from calm and confident in the auction, to cowardly and weak during the ambush, then back to calm when confronting Rhino. Not to mention he misses his coat when "Roderick" is caught with the "drive" in the ambush, yet the REAL Roderick has it, alongside the REAL drive. Not to mention it adds more meaning to his "bait-and-switch" line.

The Emily Osborn seen in the series is not Harry's biological mother
Harry's hair is a relatively bright red compared to his parents. While Norman's hair is reddish, and thus it's possible Harry got his dad's red head genes, his mom's hair doesn't look red at all. Because red hair is a recessive trait needing genes from both parents to express it, it means that Emily is not biologically related to him. If Harry was not her son, it would explain her neglect and complete lack of parenting, as she would not be as invested in someone who isn't her child.

Plot twists that were planned and never meant to be
  • John Jameson will seem to make a partial recovery only to mutate into a hideous wolf-like form.
  • JJJ, completely embittered over what happened to his son, would have hired Miles Warren to help make Mac Gargan into Scorpion (perhaps with Norman's backing, since he seems to be a regular client of Mac's)
  • Roderick Kingsley is confirmed to be the Hobgoblin, and was Chameleon's backer in his infiltration of Oscorp, which helped him acquire Goblin tech. However, he will frame Ned Lee (or possibly Harry) for Hobgoblin's crimes.

Had the series continued, it would have taken place in the same universe as Wolverine and the X-Men and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.