Heartwarming / The Sixth Sense

  • Cole coming out as a Spirit Advisor to his mom.
    • And earlier in the film, when Cole goes straight to the air vent, pulls out Jill Marschal's diaries and gives them to her husband.
      • A deleted scene shows Malcolm discovering that he's become much happier and more sociable due to this.
  • Cole and Kyra have few on and offscreen heartwarming moments. When he first sees her, he is scared like usual and goes to run, but then stops midway to the door. Then and there he starts listening to Crowe's advice. The first thing he does is take the collapsed tent off of her head. Unlike the others who intentionally try to scare him, Kyra instead tries to talk to him. She pukes upon the first try, but is able to talk after. The look on her face when she tries to talk just shows she's just desperate for help. Later on when Cole is looking for what she's asking for there is talk at the funeral reception about how her sister is also getting sick. After giving the dad the tape exposing the mother's evil deed, he gives Kyra's sister a puppet he claimed Kyra said she likes. Now this is all because Kyra asked Cole to help her, meaning death doesn't stop her from protecting her sister. Even if she has to talk through a scared kid who was the only one that could see her. That there is heartwarming Up to Eleven.
  • After learning that he died after being shot, Malcolm says goodbye to his wife, and even though she's only vaguely aware of it, he manages to reconcile with her so that both can move on at last.
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it scene, but after getting back from the hospital, we see Lynn on the phone. She introduces herself and says "I want to talk to you about your son and his friends keeping their damn hands off my boy."
  • Cole will not lie to his own mother even if it means getting himself into trouble.
  • Malcolm finally getting Cole to come out of his shell with his pathetic magic trick.