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Heartwarming: The Goonies
  • Mikey gets one of the most heartwarming speeches in the whole movie.
    "The next time you see sky, it'll be over another town. The next time you take a test, it'll be in some other school. Our parents, they want the bestest stuff for us. But right now they gotta do what's right for them, 'cause it's their time. Their time, up there. Down here it's our time. It's our time down here. That's all over the second we ride up Troy's bucket."
  • The best one's when he meets One-Eyed Willie.
    "Hi Willie. I'm Mike Walsh. You've been expecting me, haven't you? Well I made it. I beat you. I got here in one piece... so far."
    • Then he lifts up Willie's patch, exposing bare bone rather than an eye socket! Jumps back terrified.
    "So... that's why they call you "One-Eyed Willie"... One-Eyed Willie... (He takes another breath from his inhaler) "We have a lot in common, huh, Willie? You know something, Willie? You're the first Goonie."
  • And let's not forget the continued respect he shows Willie by leaving him something.
    "Except that. That's Willie's."
  • And then there's Chunk offering to let Sloth come and live with him, which prompts many non-ironic "Aaawwww!"s from fans.
    Chunk: Sloth, you're gonna live with me now. I'm gonna take care of ya, 'cause I love ya.
    Sloth: Ah! Sloth love Chunk!
  • The hug Brand gives his brother when they're reminded they're going to have to move soon.
  • When Data's inventor father tries to take a photo of Data and the Goonies at the end, but the camera goes wrong. Data hugs him.
    Data: It's okay, Daddy. You can't hug a photograph.
    Data's dad: You are my greatest invention.

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