Heartwarming / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

  • Darius gets one by deciding not to seize Widow Vabdas' land, after discovering her husband was murdered by an unruly Legion soldier and even opens a charity fund to help her in her time of need. And what's more? You can contribute to it!

  • Whenever you come across a friendly Guar or Scrib in the wilderness, just to show that not everything is out for your blood.
    • It also says something when a creature visits your sleep and you're Properly Paranoid when the "Your rest is interrupted" message is displayed on the screen...and it's just a harmless little Scrib, tapping the ground with its tail and crawling around. Perhaps it saw you were alone, and went by to keep you company, or protect you from anything else that would have attacked you if they woke you up. Or maybe it was scared and went to you for protection. It just goes to show that even in a harsh alien environment like Vvardenfell, and even if you're a deranged psychopath that wiped out an entire town's worth of people, you can still find companionship where you'd least expect it.