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Headscratchers: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  • How did Trebonius Artorius get to be Archmage?

  • How does the food chain in Morrowind work? It seems odd that such a diverse group of large predatory animals would appear on an island where the only herbivores are hive based giant insects (I'm assuming the guar are predators because they have sharp teeth and wild ones are aggressive). The same problem appears on the island of Solstheim. There are literally no herbivores, yet there are bears and wolves. Why didn't they just put some sort of reindeer-esque herbivore on Solstheim?
    • I suspect that there are some omnivorous among them, most likely the Guars.
    • What do the netch eat?
      • Adventurers.
    • Perhaps the population of predators in Solstheim could be attributed to the presence of Hircine? In turn over hunting would have wiped out almost he entire herbivorous population.
    • Morrowind in general talks about a lot of animals that you don't see. Giant grabs are supposed to live in the Ashlands (just look at Under-Skar in Ald-Ahrun), wild Stilt Riders should be seen here and there, and the Ashlander tribes supposedly herd large insects. It is quite likely that there's a thriving wildlife - but the developers just didn't have time (or money) to put in all of the creatures needed to sustain an ecosystem.
      • Maybe the giant Emperor Crabs actually live in the ocean. Far out in the ocean. Skar died while on holiday, or something.
    • Just because the guar are aggressive doesn't make them predators. There are a lot of herbivores in the real world that are aggressive if you approach them. The Ashlanders follow "herds" of guar (even if we don't actually SEE herds), and the guar have eyes on the sides of their heads rather than in front like predators generally do, so likely the guar are herbivores.
  • How are Argonians supposed to drown in the canal, HMMM? WE BREATHE UNDERWATER.
    • Well, unlike in Oblivion, Argonians' water breathing is a limited time spell. (sucks, I know) I do recall there being a mod that gives them indefinite water breathing and allows them to complete the canal pilgrimage, though.
    • Remember that the Dunmer and Argonians are enemies. The Dunmer probably design their pilgrimages to screw with Argonians, and even if they didn't, they certainly aren't going to think, "Hmm, this particular spot should be altered to be less inconvenient to the one Argonian in 10,000 who decides to join the Temple and undertake pilgrimages relating to the Dunmer religion." At any case, the Dunmer are anything but politically correct.
    • Most likely it is simply a quirk of the engine, but there is something that can be taken as a loophole for Argonians: you don't actually have to drown. The game actually just checks for location (underwater) and health (below 10), so it is possible that any theoretical Argonian convert could simply use poison to fall unconscious while under the waters of the Canal.
  • If the Ministry of Truth was largely hollowed out it wouldn't have all the inertia it originally had because the bulk of the mass had been removed. Unless the explanation is just "Magic is weird".
    • Magic is wierd, especially when gods are involved (and that specific incident involved two gods). Beyond that... maybe it was fairly hollow to begin with?
      • It probably was. A chunk of that size that wasn't hollow would have done much more damage to the planet than wrecking a single island.
    • 'Vivec stopped it and when they hollowed it out, who says he didn't adjust the spell to meet the new mass? Besides, according to the lore, sometime after events of Morrowind, Vivec lost his powers and the moon came crashing down. Remember, only reason why it is there is because Vivec was a god at that point.

  • Looking at the map of Tamriel, Vvardenfell is on the same latitude as Skyrim. A good chunk of northern Skyrim is snowy, but if we look at Vvardenfell a lot of it is bright and green on the same latitude. What's up with that? Mountains blocking the cold winds or something?
    • The volcano at the heart of vvardenfell is said to still regularly burst out lava, and there are several permanent lava rivers. Though northern vvardenfell is still said to be very chilly, so that can't fully explain it. Maybe one of the greybeards either cooled skyrim or warmed up vvardenfell during the battle of red mountain?
    • It's a magic volcano. Geothermal heat keeps the island relatively warm.
    • Vvardenfell is also more coastal than Skyrim. It probably has warm ocean currents helping to mitigate the local temperature, and once you get inland there is a volcano handling the rest.
    • Even in Real Life, many places on the same latitude can have vastly different weather conditions depending on factors like the jet stream, elevation, and ocean currents.

  • There's a quest at some stage, just before you catch Corprus, that refers to a group of soldiers/mercenaries/scouts/whichever that went to investigate a Sixth House base. Only one came back, infected with Corprus, and we're told he died not long after coming back. Considering Corprus makes you unable to age and catch any other disease... how did he die? I don't recall him being referred to as injured (and even then, deaths from injuries are usually because of infection rather than bleeding to death) and nobody makes any references to him committing suicide or being killed by someone else.
    • Unless you're a Dunmer (or maybe just any mer), Corprus makes you into a Corprus Stalker, which then progresses into becoming a Lame Corprus. Extrapolating from this, and the fact that the stalker/lame corprus seem to degenerate rather than get more powerful like an Ascended Sleeper, if you're not in too good of physical condition when you're infected, you might die from the transformation.
    • Corpus is ultimately Dagoth Ur's. If he wants it to kill you, it will kill you. It's just that under normal circumstances he doesn't want somebody dead, he wants them enslaved.

  • How has Sirollus Saccus managed to live three centuries?
    • Secret use of necromancy?
    • Maybe it isn't the same Sirollus Saccus at all, just a descendent who happened to have the same name, and continued his family's tradition of becoming a master smith?

  • Why are most of the ghosts in the Cavern of the Incarnate Ashlanders? Most of them are clearly not Outlanders, yet the Nerevarine Prophecy makes it clear that the Nerevarine must be an Outlander.
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