Heartwarming / The Dresden Files

In between all the awesome and funny, there are moments when you're reminded the Dresden 'verse is filled with mostly good people.

Short stories, and general
  • From the short story It's My Birthday Too, Harry gives Thomas Rock'em Sock'em Robots for his birthday. Why? Because when he was at the orphanage, he saw a Christmas commercial of two brothers playing with the toys.
    Harry: "That was a year when I really, really wanted to give those stupid plastic robots to my brother."
    Thomas: "Because it would mean you weren't alone."
  • In the short story Love Hurts, Harry and Murphy are hit with a love curse, and rather than accept it and live happily ever after, they destroy the curse to save all the people whose minds were being destroyed
  • In the short story The Warrior, Uriel tells Harry exactly how he's doing good by pointing out how seemingly insignificant actions throughout the story would ultimately have life-changingly positive impacts: noticing a bruise on a little girl's cheek helped her mother realize that her husband was abusing the child, stopping an electrician from working while drunk lead to his getting off the sauce and saving his marriage and his young daughter's life, and cheering up a teenager who felt useless on her softball team would lead to her becoming a counselor who would help hundreds of children herself.
    • It really hits home when Uriel points out that these are just some of the most recent and insignificant examples, pointing out that all of this doesn't even begin to cover the lives that Harry's saved, the pain he's averted and the darkness he's banished in all his countless battles beforehand. Given Harry's frequent musings on how often it seems that in spite of his best efforts he can't make the world a better place, he has a tremendous impact all the same.
    • The Warrior is simply Crowning Moment of Heartwarming in literary form.
  • Any and all interactions between Mister and Mouse are prone to be this.
  • Every single damn time Harry and Thomas prove Harry's 'familial dementia' theory.
  • Molly has one in Bombshells. At the end when "Auntie Lea" is explaining why she mislead Molly about the svartalves, she speaks of Harry in the present tense. Molly, who is in love with Harry and full of self-loathing over her part in Harry's death, picks up on it and asks Lea in a bare whisper if he's alive. She replies as indirectly as possible that he is.
    I bowed my head and started crying. Or laughing. Or both. I couldn’t tell. Lea didn’t wait around for it. Emotional displays made her uncomfortable. Harry. Alive. I hadn’t killed him. Best reward ever. “Thank you, Auntie,” I whispered. “Thank you.”
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