Heartwarming / The Animals of Farthing Wood

  • Vixen and Fox share many, especially the part where she agrees to join the Farthing Animals.
    Fox: Were you...were you on your way back to me?
    Vixen: Yes.
    Fox: Does that mean...?
    Vixen: I would be honored to be your mate.
  • Sinuous' last words. "Be careful, Adder, my very own beautiful snake whom I love..."
  • Pretty much every time that Badger has to stand up for Mole.
  • When the group congratulates Adder for saving Vixen from the hunting party.
    Adder: I'll never be able to live this down! *blushing*
  • The White Stag's greeting to the Farthing Wood travelers.
    You are heroes of your species. You've made history. And so, White Deer Park is yours.
  • While intoxicated by human wine, Weasel lets slip to Badger that she's always thought him a father figure.
  • The moment were all the animals have make it out of the thunderstorm into the town church, and hunker down close together. They all look so peaceful for once-even Adder!
  • When Fox is questioned by the Farmer's Hound about why he was in the shed if not to catch chickens, he calls the animals he leads his friends for the first time.
  • When Fox and Vixen tell Toad how important he is as their guide. Much to Owl's disdain.
  • The exchange between the hedgehog pair just before crossing the second half of the Freeway. Shame what happens next.
    Wife: Gee, I wonder what White Deer Park looks like?
    Husband: Why I don't know, streams, grass and white deer I suppose... that sort of thing.
    Wife: Sounds nice.
    Husband: Hope we make it.
    Wife: I'll second that.
  • Weasel doesn't fare so well during her first few months in White Deer Park. After nearly five solid episodes of being threatened, chased and bitten twice by Scarface, continually abandoned by Measly, pelted by the Squirrel's with pinecones, gossiped about by Owl, driven into exile, even receiving multiple Armor Piercing Questions from Fox, Vixen and Badger and being called a LIAR by the White Stag, she still maintains her loyalty to the Farthing Wood Animals in the face of the Blue Foxes. Her welcome back into the fold and winning back Fox's trust is really quite satisfying to see.
  • Crow being won over by Bold's love for Whisper, we get this touching exchange:
    Bold: The vixen I told you about, we hunted together, aw she's beautiful, Crow... light as a Whisper... she wanted me to go back with her to her hearth.
    Crow: Why didn't you?
    Bold: You and I have an arrangement.
    Crow: Quite right and proper. *nibbling on the caught mouse* Very nice, thank you, in fact so very nice I won't be needing any more. You can go with your vixen if you like! And no need to feed me anymore.
    Bold: Oh thank you!
    Crow: Don't thank me, thank your-
    Bold: -My lucky stars, I know...
  • Fox agreeing that he shouldn't stand in the way of Ranger marrying Charmer, after considering the political benefits of a mixed union of blue and red foxes for the Feuding Families.
  • Once Owl breaks free from the cement.
    Owl: Am I very tatty?
    Woodpecker: Tell her the truth, go on.
    Hollow: Yes, quite tatty...
    Owl: And can you love me if I'm tatty?
    Hollow: I will love you always! What! I loved you at first glance!