Heartwarming / Angry Birds Toons

  • The end of "Another Birthday": After spending his birthday feeling dejected and unwanted, one particular Minion Pig with the birthday hat returns to the pig pen with the others at night, the lights go out, and then his piggy friends suddenly wish the birthday pig a happy birthday!
  • The end of "Cordon Bleugh," where the pigs discover that Matilda's cooking (which the other birds had turned down, finding it inedible and causing her to cry) is utterly delicious. The smile on Matilda's face is the cherry on the sundae!
  • The end of "Operation Opera" is both this and a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • In "Joy to the Pigs", Terence delivers presents to all of the Bad Piggies in Pig's City.
    • In the same episode, King Pig willing to share his cupcakes for his minion pigs. Yes that King Pig. Sure, he's doing it for the Christmas gift, but he's really genuine when giving away his goodies for them.
  • In "Off Duty," when the other birds fail to protect the eggs while Red took a much-needed break, Red, seeing how guilty his buddies feel, not only forgives them but invites everybody (including the eggs) to join him on vacation.
  • When Chuck saves Red's life in "Chuck Time" and Red shows his gratitude with a quick but sincere hug.
  • In "Sink or Swim," it's a real treat to see the gang having fun in the ocean, but the real heartwarmer is when Red sinks like a rock and Chuck and Bomb immediately dive down after him, and Red wakes up on shore to find everyone gathered around him to make sure he's all right.
  • In "Spaced Out," when Chuck finds himself the butt of yet another of The Blues' pranks, this time he just brushes it all off as Actually Pretty Funny.
  • The end of "Clash of Corns," when Bomb gives Matilda a sweet little kiss on the cheek before the two of them share a rainfall of popcorn.
  • In "The Truce," even though it's obviously a trick, it's rather touching to see Chef Pig go to all the trouble to provide Red, Chuck, and Bomb with a delicious gourmet lunch and to see the birds happily tuck into all their favorite things.
  • In "Party Ahoy," when King Pig misses out on the big party on the next island because of the volcano eruption, Chronicler Pig and Professor Pig invite him to join their little tea party.
  • In "Eggshaustion," Chuck's reaction to seeing the (fake) eggs getting smashed is nothing short of heartbreaking...and his relief at seeing them in one piece and okay will bring on the warm fuzzies in a truckload.
  • In both "Slingshot 101" and "Do As I Say," Red and Matilda learn the same lesson: to lighten up and take some time to just be One of the Kids.
  • Let's face it, the birds' sheer dedication to the safety of their eggs truly warms the cockles of the heart. The eggs are their babies; every bird is more than willing to go through hell (and back) to protect them, and is it any wonder those birds get so livid every time those greedy little piggies try to turn those defenseless babies into gourmet omelettes?