Heartwarming: Team 8

  • Kurenai telling Naruto in chapter 8 that his actions were well within his role on the team. She concludes that she's proud of Naruto—something to which Naruto doesn't know how to react.
  • Naruto's words to Hinata as she recovers from her injuries in the hospital.
    "I just wanted to have lunch with my best friend."
  • Naruto's answer to Neji's questions of why he spared his life when he obviously didn't want to all boils down to this: Because Hinata asked him to.
    Naruto: I visited your cousin in the hospital after you nearly killed her. I saw her every day, and she never mentioned seeing a single member of her family when she was there. She really only asked for one thing from me when I visited her. Do you know what that was?
    Neji: <shakes his head>
    Naruto: Your life.
  • "That's bullshit!" Hinata throws Naruto right out of his angst with those words, her faith in him really shining through to him in a true moment of need.
  • Shino gives us two moments. One is when he tears into his clan for their part in the many grievances befalling Naruto. The second is when his father, Shibi, backs him up.
  • A subtle one after the Chunin exam tournament duels. After Shino and Chouji fight with Shino coming up victorious, Shino is seen waiting for the next battle to start eating a bag of chips (which Chouji regularly uses to "help replenish his chakra").
  • Chapter 19: A deeply shaken Naruto's meeting with the right-armless Hokage. Naruto knew why the villagers hated him, but he only partially knew it was because of the Hokage's actions. Despite all that, the first thing he does is embrace the Hokage, and the old man realizes that Naruto has forgiven him.
  • Chapter 21: Naruto and Jiraya's father/son moment:
    Jiraiya: Your sensei was a jonin, brat, facing one of the most dangerous missing-nins of their generation; I doubt at this point you'd have been anything but a hindrance. Your job is to work your ass off and get good enough so that when you do get a chance, you can clean hisnote  fucking clock. Do you understand me?
    Naruto: (nodding) Does it ever get any easier?
    Jiraiya: Not even a little...and if it ever does, then I don't want to know you. Understand?
    • The funeral scene. Shino and Hinata comforting Naruto when he finally breaks down. Also, Kakashi and Asuma's quiet restraint of Hiashi and leaving him with the knowledge that if he disrupts Kurenai's funeral to reprimand Hinata, he will be joining her in the ground.
  • Naruto turns down the toad contract specifically because he's worried they'd eat Shino's kikai.
  • Gai offers Naruto the Turtle Summoning contract. Naruto accepts.
  • Naruto's goodbyes to Shino and Hinata in Chapter 22 as he leaves for his training journey with Jiraiya.
  • At the end of Chapter 24: Finally, They Do.