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YMMV: Team 8
  • Acceptable Targets: Except for Hinata, all of the Hyuuga are assholes and so a lot of petty misfortune goes to their way.
  • Accidental Innuendo:
    Naruto: Hinata, could you use your eyes to check me out?
  • Broken Base: The fic itself has a good deal of people who either outright hate it, or don't think it's as great as hyped. This isn't entirely unjustified - much of this comes from how Alternate Character Interpretation is used, particularly when it comes to making some characters more antagonistic than in canon (mostly the Hyuuga clan); as anyone who's read Harry Potter And The Nightmares Of Futures Past might have observed, the author seems to have a preference for the "Black" end of the spectrum when it comes to villains, to near-Stupid Evil levels. While some of this is justified by the nail, said reviewers are of the opinion that he's basically twisting things to suit his own ends (which is, admittedly, partially the point of Fanfiction); basically it depends on whether the story is your cup of tea or not. Few will dispute his talent at writing, however.
    • Some reviewers are also divided over killing off Kurenai. Was it a powerful emotional moment, or was it done too early on, eliminating possible story and character developments? Additionally, was the cause of her death- a kunai to the head realistic and shocking, or anticlimactic?
    • As with many Naruto fanfics, readers are also divided on any increase of Naruto's powers or competence, due to concerns that it unbalances the power levels of the setting.
    • Somewhat related to the above, Naruto's fight with Sasuke in the Chunin Exams, in which Naruto takes out Sasuke with one punch, is somewhat controversial. Is it a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Naruto or terribly anticlimactic?
  • Complete Monster: The author's interpretation of Itachi Uchiha. Unlike canon, he committed the Uchiha Massacre simply to test himself (as he originally claimed), but in-story his complete Lack of Empathy makes him one of the most deplorable individuals. In particular, when he crosses the Moral Event Horizon even further by killing Kurenai (showing absolutely no remorse or even emotion at having done so), his partner Kisame Hoshigaki - himself a renowned Blood Knight - is freaked out and disturbed by it.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Some of Kurenai's lessons are quite harsh, such as teaching Naruto that some people will simply never accept him, regardless of what he does.
    • if you are essentially a slave and one of your masters treats you with basic decency in spite of your bitterness, it is your duty to dedicate yourself to that person. out of gratitude.
  • Fanon: Much of the story is based on fanon theories such as an extremely powerful village council and intentional abuse and mistraining of Naruto.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Not inside the story itself, but regarding its relationship with canon. Two aspects of the fanfic that are not related to the nail don't match the way they appear in the original series. Specifically: The use of elemental jutsus in chapter 6 is inaccurate, and the portrayal of a certain villain ( Itachi) is very different from how he turned out to be in canon ( that is, Good All Along, for a certain value of good.) Nevertheless, this fanfic was first published in 2006, prior to the manga explaining how elemental jutsu actually worked, as well as prior to certain revelations regarding said villain. On that regard, the author has mentioned that, since he outlined most of the plot since the beginning, the story will not conform to the way things turned out to work in canon, and that the fanfic will stop actively following canon events after a certain point.
    • And yes, we know that "this is not how Tsukuyomi works in canon."
  • Fridge Horror: Kurenai, with a letter addressed to Naruto in the event of her death, spells out Hinata's feelings for Naruto. Imagine how he would have taken it if Hinata had died before Naruto learned this.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Kurenai makes lots of sarcastic remarks regarding early retirement and death. Chapter 20 makes most of them not funny anymore.
  • Hype Backlash: For the same reasons as Harry Potter And The Nightmares Of Futures Past.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Like Itachi? You won't in this story, not after he kills Kurenai.
    • Hiashi does this when he disguises a training session with Hinata to beat her. The rest of the cast is visibly disturbed when they find Hinata battered and bruised, starving, and unable to stand because she hadn't slept at all.
      • If Kurenai's post-death letter is any indication, Hiashi may also be the one pulling the strings on the incident that killed her former teammates after it was revealed that Kurenai's best friend had the Byakugan despite not being a Hyuuga and refused to join the Branch Family and submit to their treatment of them, which would include getting a Curse Mark.
  • Ron the Death Eater: In this series, Hiashi's cold exterior is more than a case of acting as his station dictates; he's just an abusive dick.
    • Absolutely; even Hiashi's biggest Pet the Dog moment from canon (bowing down on his knees to beg for Neji's forgiveness after telling him the truth about Hizashi's death) is replaced by a Kick the Dog moment instead in which he only cares that Neji has lost (despite Neji ending up far more badly injured from his fight with Naruto than he did in canon, the only thing Hiashi is interested in is seeing him punished for "disgracing the clan").
      • Also, depending on how indicative Snapped is of the main story, he may well be one of the series' primary antagonists.
    • Similarly, Hanabi is also quite dismissive of Hinata, a common characterization of her despite appearing in only a few scenes.
    • This also extends to the entire Hyuga clan, who are in general much, much worse than they are in canon.
    • To a somewhat lesser extent, Sakura is much more of a jerk than in canon and much more readily badmouths Naruto.
  • Schedule Slip: Until it was updated on September 6, 2013, the fic went for about two years without being updated. Said update was the most recent one, meaning that it's undergoing another long gap between updates.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Besides the reasons for the Hype Backlash and Base Breaker status mentioned above, part of the divisive nature of this fanfic comes from its age, being first published around 2006. While it's unlikely it was the first one, it's certainly one of the earliest and more notable examples to use certain plot points that have become common in many subsequent fanfics in the Naruto fandom. Among the more used and repeated plot points are: A different teacher training Naruto, resulting in his skills developing earlier; the genin teams being different due to someone else requesting Naruto (and leading to a Naruto/Hinata pairing); and the presence of a sinister conspiracy inside the Village council. While these plot points are actually treated here with more nuance than in many other fanfics, if you have read similar stories and come to this one expecting something incredibly original, you may be disappointed.
  • Tear Jerker: Hinata. Oh god, Hinata. She is so used to abuse and rejection by her family, she actively looks for a veiled insult behind any compliments she receives from her teammates. She honestly does not know how to react when she realises they're not trying to insult her at all.
  • Too Cool to Live: Officially Kurenai, who died after breaking Tsukuyomi. With Fridge Logic of all things. Namely, realizing that the scenario Itachi puts her through makes no sense, and deliberately running with the correction.
  • What an Idiot: Discussed many times in-story, with regards to the villagers that seem hell-bent on denigrating Naruto. That's right, be mean to the kid you KNOW has a powerful, nigh-unbeatable demon sealed in his stomach. That'll teach 'em!
  • The Woobie: Hinata Up to Eleven compared to cannon due to the 'nail' shifting her family life from aloof to outright abusive.
    • Sarutobi as well. The more aware he becomes of the injustices that Naruto faces, the more guilty he feels when he fails to stop them.
    • Kurenai, given what we've learned so far about her backstory, qualifies bigtime. As does Naruto, of course... Really, of all of Team 8, only Shino is completely well-adjusted, and given he's The Stoic, that says a lot.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Some readers believe that Kurenai was killed off too early and her potential as a character was wasted, even if her letter may inspire Naruto to find the truth about what happened to her team.

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