Heartwarming / Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

  • If you're truly into Emil/Marta, then the scene in Altamira in Chapter 8 is pretty sweet, as Marta truly doesn't want Emil to go at all. Emil really doesn't know what to say, but it does lead to a kiss (though he don't directly see it). It can be a Tear Jerker though when you realize what Emil's planning to do...
  • Marta's "death" in the Temple of Ice, Emil's sheer and utter fury and then relief as he sees Marta's not dead and hugs her.
  • Some of Emil and Marta's after battle dialogue.
    If Emil finishes the battle with a Mystic Arte and Marta was KOed.
    Emil: Are you alright?
    Marta: Yes...
    Emil: You can depend on me.
    Marta: Thanks Emil.
  • Tenebrae's devotion to Emil when the big reveal happens that he's really Ratatosk. Particularly comforting Emil when he has a My God, What Have I Done? when he realises that Marta was bait.
  • Zelos' Undying Loyalty towards Lloyd, no matter what Lloyd may appear to say or do. It's good to know that Zelos took Lloyd's trust to heart.
  • The good ending, followed by the True Ending.