Heartwarming / Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

  • If you're truly into Emil/Marta, then the scene in Altamira in Chapter 8 is pretty sweet, as Marta truly doesn't want Emil to go at all. Emil really doesn't know what to say, but it does lead to a kiss (though we don't directly see it). It can be a Tear Jerker though when you realize what Emil's planning to do...
  • Marta's "death" in the Temple of Ice, Emil's sheer and utter fury and then relief as he sees Marta's not dead and hugs her.
  • Some of Emil and Marta's after battle dialogue.
  • Marta gives Tenebrae a great big hug after getting him back in the Temple of Darkness, followed by a skit with Emil and Marta's giggly, happy reactions to having their spiteful Centurion back with them. The trio might pick on each other a lot but it really shows how much of True Companions they have become.
    If Emil finishes the battle with a Mystic Arte and Marta was KOed.
    Emil: Are you alright?
    Marta: Yes...
    Emil: You can depend on me.
    Marta: Thanks Emil.
  • Tenebrae's devotion to Emil when the big reveal happens that he's really Ratatosk. Particularly comforting Emil when he has a My God, What Have I Done? when he realises that Marta was bait.
  • Zelos' Undying Loyalty towards Lloyd, no matter what Lloyd may appear to say or do. It's good to know that Zelos took Lloyd's trust to heart.
  • The good ending, followed by the True Ending.
  • Before being freed from the influence of Solum's core, Brute promised to safely remove Ratatosk's core from Marta unlike the other Vanguards who want to kill her to get it, showing that he at least holds some love for his daughter despite his insanity.
  • The Flanior scenes where Lloyd is comforted by his closest friend from the previous game is sweet and shows that despite everything that has happened, the two of them are as close as ever.
  • The fact that Regal and Presea have started a Paw Pads fan club together is both ridiculous and charming, but is also a nice sign that the two of them are moving on from Alicia's death and becoming closer friends.