Heartwarming / Storm Hawks

  • Finn's hilarious attempt at trying to cheer up Piper after "Best Friends Forever" was actually pretty touching.
    "So, I was thinking... since you're a girl and all... did you want to braid each other's hair, or something?"
  • The end of "Absolute Power", where Starling puts the retrieved shield of her squadron under their memorial flag, then stands there a moment smiling before flying off.
  • Starling gets included in the head count.
    Aerrow: We'll be gone before Ravess even knows she was hit by the Storm Hawks Seven.
    Starling: Um, there are only six of you.
    Aerrow: [smiles] Not today.
    • Starling's reaction is what sells it. She stays there a moment, absorbing what he just said, before looking up with a grin and following them.
    • The fact that they prepared a room for her, complete with personal touches.
  • The ending of "Five Days". Master Cyclonis went through all the trouble of raiding the Condor, on her own, to retrieve the Mending Crystal, in order to fix another crystal that projected an image of a young!Cyclonis and her Grandmother, the previous Master Cyclonis.
  • Any time when Aerrow shows concern for Piper, or does something thoughtful for her—whether you see it as a case of platonic friendship or subtle hints of something more, these two have quite a few moments together. Notable examples include:
    • In "Storm Warning," when Piper pulls a 10-Minute Retirement out of frustration with her less-disciplined teammates, Aerrow's the first to get worried about her, and probably would have taken off looking for her if the Cyclonians hadn't attacked.
    • In "The Forbidden City," Aerrow saving a rare crystal that he found in the inner keep of the Forbidden City for Piper after the treasure chamber collapses.
    • Piper embracing Aerrow in a Big Damn Hug when he manages to land his sabotaged Skimmer safely in "Second Chances."
    • When Piper's Binding magic is revealed to have a downside in "Cyclonia Rising, part 1", Aerrow tries to convince her not to use it, even though it turns him into a superhuman warrior.
    • The most implicit moment, however, comes in "Cyclonia Rising, part 2." Both Aerrow and Piper are hanging from a precarious ledge, with Cyclonis and Dark Ace moving in for the kill. Piper, weakened by her inexperienced use of the Binding, whispers an apology to Aerrow before starting to fall. But Aerrow grabs her at the last second, and tells her gently:
      Aerrow: If we're going down, at least we're going together.