Awesome / Storm Hawks

  • In "Storm Hawks Seven," Aerrow and Radarr do what can only be described as a "electric-blue corkscrew of death." It's ridiculously cool, even for this show.
    • Also, the Beam-O-War between Finn's electric guitar and Ravess' violin orchestra. A hastily-rewired Condor was a match for a heavily-armed garrison.
    Stork: It's working! Finn's music is actually saving lives!
  • In "Five Days," Master Cyclonis takes on all of the Storm Hawks and the Condor's security systems with brutal efficiency.
  • There is Stork's sequence in the episode "Fire and Ice". First, he evades the (pissed-off) Raptors. When he gets back on the ship, they finally catch up. He looks like his usual, pessimistic, paranoid self, until, well...oh, this could be bad...for them. He begins loosing off traps on them until they find him at the bridge, and, well, his 'last request' pretty much sums up the scene. "Get off my ship." Cue violent ejection of the Raptors.
  • "The Lesson": The Storm Hawks managed to whup the Cyclonians one on one (or in the case of Stork vs the Raptors, one on three), who were beefed up on enhancement crystals, by using moves they learned through playing carnival games. Aerrow's was the best: he pulled off a Batman Gambit by giving his skimmer a huge speed, making the Dark Ace think he was running away until he saw that Aerrow had him at point blank range on his own skimmer.
    Dark Ace: Just one question. How?
    Aerrow: How else? We've been training. (Blasts the Dark Ace with his Lightning Claw Maneuver)
  • The finale in general, but definitely when Aerrow and Piper achieved perfect attunement, especially after their precarious position right beforehand.