Funny / Storm Hawks

  • Aerrow flubbing his Rousing Speech in "Age of Heroes".
    Aerrow: So nobody believes in us. Well, now's the time to prove them wrong. Uh, but this isn't like when we played 'Stop the Sky Knight' or 'Last One Lands Does the Dishes'! This is the real deal! So whatever you do, try... not... to... mess up.
    Finn: Dude. Worst motivational speech ever.
  • Snipe's reaction to seeing Piper and Junko, who are disguised as Ravess and himself in a shop. "Ravess? What are we doing here?"
    • Earlier in the same episode, Finn, Stork and Aerrow try to stall Snipe. Finn plays a puppet show in which Snipe is a badass and has Master Cyclonis fall in love with Snipe, which disgusts the real Snipe. Stork tries playing a song for Snipe, but he punches Stork, grabbing back a coin he gave earlier. Aerrow and Radarr try to put on some kind of organ grinder monkey act, which Snipe is creeped out by...not by Radarr playing a dancing monkey, but by Aerrow's weird clothes.
  • In "A Colonel of Truth," Stork shows up cleaning in a pink apron, which weirds out Junko. Stork folds his arms and says: "What? I can't have nice things?"
  • In "Stratosphere:"
    Finn: Are those... radishes?
    Stork: Only known defense against Strato Elves!
    • The team doing a dramatic slow-mo walk in their spacesuits while "Thus Spake Zarathustra" plays. And Stork does a dramatic slow-mo walk-into-a-pipe-and-fall-down.
    • Aerrow turns out to be a lousy photographer.
  • "Atmos' Most Wanted":
    • The "jail" that the Storm Hawks are put in by the Rebel Ducks. It's basically just a playpen, with no top and waist-high walls. And Dove comes to bust them out anyway, approaching with key in hand and looking dead serious. Her gesture is rendered useless when Junko just flicks one of the walls and collapses the whole thing, so she glances at the key and tosses it aside with an Oh, whatever expression.
    • When the Storm Hawks have to catch the Aurora Stone shards, everyone is leaping, scrambling and fumbling their pieces, except for Finn, who catches one one-handed without moving from his spot.
  • The pranks Aerrow pulls on Snipe while he's undercover in 'Talon Academy'.
  • The charades sequence in "Sky's End". Radarr tries to warn everyone that Eyeball saw the dragon hatchlings.
    Aerrow: Okay, four words.
    Piper: First word!
    (Radarr taps his eyeball.)
    Aerrow: Look? (Radarr shakes his head.)
    Stork: See!
    Junko: Saw!
    Finn: See-saw!
    (Radarr growls and taps his eye again.)
    Piper: Eye? (Radarr squawks affirmatively.) Eyeball! (Radarr nods and holds up two fingers.)
    Finn: Second word!
    (Radarr points back and forth between them and his eyeball)
    Junko: Eyeball! (Radarr shakes his head.) But, you just... (looks sad) okay...
    (Radarr makes a sawing motion.)
    Aerrow: Piston! Eyeball piston?
    Stork: Oh oh oh! The death throes of a three-armed swamp gobbler?
    (Radarr rolls his eyes and repeats the motion.)
    Piper: Reaching? Grabbing?
    Finn: Sawing? (Radarr chirps.) See-saw! (Radarr glares.)
    Aerrow: Saw. Eyeball saw.
    Stork: Eyeball saw? (His eyelid twitches) Is that some sort of torture device? (Radarr shakes his head and holds up four fingers.)
    Piper: Straight to the fourth word.
    (Radarr points to the dragons overhead.)
    Junko: Um, dragons? (Radarr gives a thumbs up.) Yes! This is fun!
    • The punchline is when we cut to the Murk Raiders, Eyeball and Captain Scabulous are also doing charades!
  • The Cyclonian commander from "Radarr Love" worrying that when they make a movie about Cyclonia's conquest of the Atmos, his part will be so insignificant the credits will refer to him as "Cyclonian #2". The best part is that the episode's credits actually refer to him as that. (There's no Cyclonian #1 listed.)
  • From "The Masked Masher":
    • Finn trying to remember the code phrase "Cyclonia, help, bad news" to snap Junko out of his trance.
      Finn: (Thinking desperately) Uh... CYCLONIS WEARS BAD SHOES!
      (Crowd gasps.)
      (Cyclonis looks at him from the balcony with an annoyed WTF expression.)
      Piper: (Groans) Finn...
      Finn: Cyclonis... uh... never SHAMPOOS!
      Cyclonis: (To a guard) Throw the rude one into the cage.
    • Piper (still wearing the accessories from her disguise) facing off against Cyclonis on the balcony.
      Announcer: Look at this, ladies and gents! It's Master Cyclonis, versus, uh... Towel Girl!
    • Piper, at one point, tells Cyclonis that she fights like a girl. Cyclonis actually takes offense, complete with letterboxed Death Glare.
  • "Five Days":
    • Stork using the booby-trapped deck on Cyclonis.
      Cyclonis: Hello, Storm Hawks. (Cocks her staff menacingly.)
      Stork: Goodbye, Master Cyclonis! (Pulls a lever that launches her screaming out of the ship.)
    • Piper blocks Cyclonis from entering the infirmary.
      Piper: We're not gonna go down without a fight!
      (A Nightcrawler tackles her aside, Cyclonis floats past.)
      Cyclonis: (Smugly) Yes. You are.
  • In "Age of Heroes Part 2", Finn and Junko are trapped in Cyclonis' Storm Engine right before it's about to go off and take them with it.
    Junko: Finn, I want you to know that you're my best friend.
    Finn: Thanks, buddy. And I want you to know that it was me who broke your favorite bunny lamp.
    Junko: ...You said it was the wind!
    Finn: Well, it was kinda windy when I tripped over it.
  • Piper trying to act cool and casual in front of Starling, only for the elbow she's leaning on to slip and make her fall down.
  • In the second episode, when Aerrow returns to the Condor with Starling. It kind of seems like we're being set up for a jealous Piper, but instead she just goes into fangirl mode. Not to mention the little exchange that takes place (the expressions really sell it):
    Piper: Omigosh, you're like my most favorite sky knight ever!
    (Aerrow gives her an incredulous look.)
    Piper: (sheepish) Um... I mean second favorite.
    (Aerrow puffs up with pride.)
    • If you look closely, Radarr's reaction mirrors Aerrow's.
  • In "Leviathan", when Stork is stiff with sky shock:
    Aerrow: You got anything that can snap him out of it?
    Piper: Just a bunch of paralyzer stones.
    Finn: Bit redundant, don't you think?
    • Later on, Stork's sky shock causes him to act like some kind of Mad captain Ahab caricature.
  • Aerrow's statement to Radarr just before he does a dangerous stunt:
    "Don't worry, I saw this on a cartoon once."
  • "Royal Twist":
    • The terra fights off the Nightcrawlers... with oranges. When Piper protests the utility of oranges as a weapon, the Regent replies that she's obviously never gotten citrus in her eye.
    • ďAnd stop feeding vegetables to the fruit bats, youíre just confusing them!"
  • In "Calling All Domos", the reason the Murk Raiders want the serpegris? To upgrade their kitchen.
    • From the same episode, Finn and Stork waltzing with Murk Raiders.