Heartwarming / Sabrina: The Animated Series

  • The ending of "This is Your Nine Lives" with Salem thanking Sabrina for the picture frame she made for his birthday, stating it's the best present he's ever gotten.
  • "Pet Peeve": Salem's genuine concern over Sabrina's safety from a magic-draining warlock in disguise.
  • "Paranormal Pi" Sabrina going out to comfort her friend despite what her great uncle thought about him and mortals in general, was actually pretty sweet.
  • During "Strange New World" Pi is played as an antagonist because for his hatred for 'Tom', even going as far as to get him into trouble, but when he was cornered into confessing, Sabrina, Chloe and Harvey accepted his apology immediately, proving that friendship isn't about competition. This troper thought that was truely lovely.
  • During "Witchy Girls" Sabrina and Chloe are having a blazing row, listing all the stuff the other had borrowed that they want returned. As they're about to walk away, you can clearly see them both incredibly sad about the situation. Sabrina then says there's one more thing she wants back: her best friend.
  • Even though this troper is not a shipper, seeing Harvey come to his senses and save Sabrina at the end of "Boy meets bike" is very sweet
  • Sabrina talking to her mom in "Picture Perfect."
  • The ending of "A Whitchmas Carole" Gem doesn't change her selfish ways at the end of the scare-em-straight lesson, but after she receives a simple gift from Sabrina out of kindness, she's absolutely touched and decides to give some presents to the Spellmans and join them for Christmas.