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Pi is actually a female pop star disguised as a boy who wanted to escape the constant adoration of his/her fans and live a peaceful life.
  • Get ready for the weirdest theory you've ever heard. Okay so anyone can see that Pi is strange. He's a weird kid with long hair who is obsessed with the occult. Then in Sabrina's secret life he's just...gone well here's your explanation. Pi is a Merperson. Okay sounds crazy but think about it. His voice sounds odd almost like a surfer, he has long hair, he's obsessed with magic... Sounds a lot like Ariel (minus the voice though) Ariel wanted to know everything about the human world. Pi is a brainiac who studies hard and researches the occult because he wants to know everything, so he made a deal with the witches council to have legs for a while and study humans, but his time on land was limited so when he turned thirteen he had to return to the sea.

Pi is a girl and the one whom HARVEY has a crush on but Sabrina views her as a boy and we see her through Sabrina's eyes because she doesn't want another love rival like Gem.
  • If you look at Pi's mannerisms he's very ladylike especially the way he sits and walks.

Pi is somehow or in some way acquainted with Mr Crocker and will someday become like him. (Or he IS him)
  • Pi is from the Other World and that's why he doesn't show his eyes. They're buttons.