Funny: Sabrina: The Animated Series

  • From "The Importance Of Being Norma" when Salem tries to wake Sabrina up. Eventually he conjures up a heavy metal band beside the bed that makes her fly through the ceiling.
    Salem: (in a baby voice) Did we have a good sleepy-weepy?
    Sabrina: (through clenched teeth) It was fine till the akey-wakey by the witty kitty.
  • "Shrink To Fit" and the huge contraption Salem produces for Sabrina to fit into her new jeans (which are only meant for a size 0 waist, which Sabrina and Chloe discover they don't have). The button ends up flying off, bouncing off everything in the room and finally flying down Salem's throat.
    • Not to mention when he first produces it there's a crumbling skeleton left inside.
    • Same episode when Chloe has a comedic Despair Event Horizon:
    Chloe: I can see the headlines now - "Chloe Flan and friend die in Freak Fashion Accident".
    Sabrina: 'And friend'!? I'm 'And friend'!?
  • When Sabrina and Chloe get sucked into Harvey's video game and find themselves dressed in Xena-type armour and armed with swords.
    Chloe: I think we're bad girls now.
  • When Sabrina gets her wisdom teeth removed magically, which removes her common sense (such as walking into oncoming traffic, trying to hitchhike home, and telling her friends and enemies what she really thinks of them). She ends up insulting Chloe's dancing and says she looks awful in her outfit before running off hastily and giving Chloe this line made hilarious by Cree Summer's delivery.
    Chloe: When you get home, might I suggest you take a loooooong nap grumpy!
  • Quentin Tarantulino. Nuff said.
  • Sabrina casts a spell that accidentally destroys the town's dam and the entire town has to evacuate. We see Gem dragging a suitcase overflowing with shoes and Zelda levitating Hilda's bed out the door with Hilda still sound asleep. And when everyone thinks Sabrina is the hero, the popular girls offer to give Gem a wedgie to show their support.
  • Sabrina's grandparents have a blazing row which involves casting spells at each other. Grandma is a proper hippie flower child and is enraged to suddenly be in a business suit with a Prim and Proper Bun while Grandpa is the opposite and is enraged to be given dreadlocks and a Hawaiian shirt and shorts.
    • Sabrina, Hilda and Zelda cast a spell to make them relive their honeymoon. Things go wonderfully...right until they find out the hard way that the grandparents chose to visit the Rings of Saturn during meteor season.
  • In "Wag The Witch" one of Gem's plots to make Sabrina seem extra weird involves bribing a perfume ambush Sabrina and start spraying her with musty perfumes. And at the end of the episode, Gem's comeuppance is the same woman chasing after her and spraying her with perfume too.
  • During "Cliche Week" we get some lovely Visual Pun moments.
    • Hilda: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.
      A horse drops onto the table.
      Salem: You want fries with that.
    • Zelda: Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.
      Zelda turns into a monkey.
      Zelda: I have a sudden urge to roller skate.
    • Salem: Hey! I just heard a big storm is headed this way. They say it's gonna rain cats and—
      he gets crushed by a dog
      Salem: Don't tell me... it's Cliche Week.
    • Salem using a woman's hair rollers as binoculars. A bonus is that the woman doesn't notice the huge cat pulling on her hair for two minutes.
  • In "Brina Baby" Sabrina's inner child steals Gem's Polo Ponies and transports them to the house. As the police arrive at the house, things go wonderfully bad.
    Zelda: Have you got a search warrant!
    Chief: It's in the mail.
    Pony neighs in the background.
    Salem appears riding on a pony in the hallway.
  • At the end of "Witchitis", when Harvey and Pi scream blue murder after seeing a dragon, while said dragon just stares at them with a bored expression on his face. Also the fact that Pi appears to be trying to hide behind Harvey (some justice for trying to scare him and Sabrina at the beginning of the episode).
  • "Strange New World" Pi apparently gets so mad he can melt ice...the Vice Principal was not impressed. "Pick up this mess or it's double detention!" *Gloom*
  • 'Hexcalibur' Arthur being bested by a tree and Merlin getting his ass handed to him by SALEM.
  • The fact being that Harvey is a complete idiot in Sabrina's Secret Life.