Heartwarming / Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • The ending of "How Sagwa Got Her Colors". Doubles as Tear Jerker.
    Mama Miao: Sleep tight, my little adventurer, you certainly know how to land yourself in a bit of trouble, from time to time...But your heart is always in the right place.
  • Mama and Baba Cat's first meeting is quite sweet. The fact that their kittens are named for their love is even more heartwarming.
  • All of "By The Light Of The Moon".
  • Ba-Do giving her robe and New Year's money to a friendly old lady.
  • The episode where Sagwa befriend an old turtle. It's so sweet seeing Sagwa learning more stuff from that turtle. Special mention goes to the scene where he removes the throne from Sagwa's paw.
  • All of "Sagwa's Lucky Bat".
  • In "Time For Everything", Sagwa risks punishment by doing Dongwa's work for him, and, despite telling him she isn't going to be so nice again, later agrees to do it a second time.
  • The majority of "Sick Day".
  • Mama and Baba Miao reconciling after a brief fight in "Alley Night Opera".
  • Sagwa giving her dinner to Fam and his family in "Sagwa's Good Deed", and later teaching him how to fish, so they'll never go hungry again.
  • Almost all of "Fufu's Full Moon Flight".