Heartwarming / Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat

  • The climax of "How Sagwa Got Her Colors", when the villagers singing after the announcement of the new rules. This changes the Magistrate's heart and thinking that the people give him something back for being so generous.
  • Dongwa saying good-bye towards Siao-Po when he and his family were leaving the village in "The Birds, Bees, and the Silkworms".
  • Mama and Baba Cat's first meeting is quite sweet. The fact that their kittens are named for their love is even more heartwarming.
  • A lot of Hun-Hun and Dongwa shippers probably love this exchange.
    Hun Hun:I knew it!You ARE a tough guy!(Says this to Dongwa)
    Jet Jet and Wong Wong:HUH?
    Han Han:You can be yourself!And that's the toughest thing of all!
  • The Miao family eating together at the end of "By The Light of The Moon".
  • Ba-Do giving her robe and New Year's money to a friendly old lady.
  • The episode where Sagwa befriend an old turtle. It's so sweet seeing Sagwa learning more stuff from that turtle. Special mention goes to the scene where he removes the throne from Sagwa's paw.
  • The majority of the episode where Sheegwa gets sick and Sagwa and Dongwa has to take care of her.
  • Mama and Baba Miao reconciling after a brief fight in "Alley Night Opera".
  • Sagwa giving her dinner to Fam and his family in "Sagwa's Good Deed", and later teaching him how to fish, so they'll never go hungry again.