Heartwarming / Rose of the Prophet

  • Pretty much anything relating to Pukah and Asrial:
    • Pukah's realisation that Asrial willingly sacrificed herself to let him win his bet with Death.
    • Asrial's confession to Pukah in The Prophet of Akhran that, despite maintaining for three books that Immortals should not know love, she does in fact love him- and that even if they are all defeated and banished to the Realm of the Dead where they exist as formless entities, she believes she will retain this love and it will make her blessed.
    • Promenthas giving Asrial permission to stay with the immortals of Akhran and to continue loving Pukah (and Sond's suggestion that they may someday have a chance to rescue him so they can be reunited).
  • When Matthew accidentally let's slip to Khardan that he loves him (remembering that Zohra implied in the first book that homosexuality was not acceptable among the people of Akhran, even though he's Asexual), he bitterly comes out with his honest feelings and waits cringingly for Khardan's rejection. Khardan gently tells Matthew that Akhran has no objection to pure love freely given and that he accept Matthew's love, loyalty and friendship with gratitude.
  • The death of Auda Ibn Jad puts the perfect cap on his life.
    Auda: I am not alone. My god is with me.
  • Matthew's realisation of what he can do for Khardan and Zohra, the two people he loves most. "You can give them each other."
    • Subsequent to that, the final resolution of the trilogy-long Belligerent Sexual Tension between Khardan and Zohra and the blooming of the Rose of the Prophet.