Awesome / Rose of the Prophet

  • Pukah's ploy to single-handedly defeat Kaug by tricking him into following him into the iron mountain of Sul's Curse and having Asrial lock them both inside together, rendering Kaug powerless.
  • Khardan's final defiant assertion to Feisal that even if it means his people die to the very last man, woman and child, they will never betray Akhran.
    • Followed by Auda's killing of Feisal.
    Feisal: Give me a knife...
  • Akhran's laugh near the very end of the third book is pretty impressive given the context.
  • Although entirely unintentional, Mathew has a pretty impressive one near the end of the third book harnessing the power of the nomad woman to work a simple fog spell into an expanding cloud of death, destroying the fanatics that would have put them all to death.
  • Zorah using her blood and the skills Mathew has taught her to work a spell that would allow her cross the desert known as the Sun's Anvil and save Mathews life.