Funny / Rose of the Prophet

  • A small flaw in Akhran's plan:
    Sond: O Almost Omniscient Akhran, this plan of yours is a good... may I say truthfully a great plan... to discomfit our enemies. There is just one small detail you may, in your vast genius, have overlooked. It is, I hasten to add, a very small matter...
    Fedj: Very small.
    Akhran: And that is?
    Akhran: Arghhh!
  • The wedding! "Chaos" barely begins to describe it!
    Generally made of finest silk, the cord symbolizes the love and loyalty that bind husband and wife together. For this hasty wedding there had not been time to journey to the walled city of Kich to purchase silken cord, so a substitute was made of strong desert hemp. And as Pukah stated, it seemed more suitable to the occasion anyhow.
  • Pretty much anything Pukah does, especially his team-up with Sond to play a pair of Jackass Djinns to the miserable old bastard Meelusk.
    • His first attempt to charm Asrial where he disturbs her by describing the things he'd allow to be done to him before he'd harm her ("I would sooner be pierced by red hot needles run into the soles of my feet-" "Don't say such dreadful things, I beg of you!"), swears to do anything for her only to immediately backpedal without missing a beat ("I will do anything, anything!" "Take me with you." "Anything but that."), attempts to impress her by offering to perform mighty feats for her only to realise he risks being taken literally ("The moon, to hold in your hand, and the stars to adorn your hair..." "Can you truly do such things?" "Well, no"), suddenly worries that he risks running afoul of a divine Papa Wolf ("I am not a favourite of my god as you are, but Promenthas is very powerful and a loving father to his children." "Are you his daughter?" "No, not literally.") and needs to hold his own hands behind his back to resist the temptation to touch Asrial's wings.
    • Pukah has a habit of having conversations with his reflection. Many of these conversations are quite amusing.