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Mr. Plinkett Reviews
  • How is it possible that a 119 year old serial killer manages to make the ends of all of his Star Wars prequel reviews heartwarming? Because Plinkett comes across shockingly as a humanist, pleading for films that aren't cold, technological, cynical grabs at money, but films that embrace characters, emotions and story.
    Plinkett: So, I don't know if there's anything to say about Revenge of the Sith or the other Star Wars prequels. Sure, you can pick them apart on the technical failures, the plot inconsistencies, the lousy dialog, but generally speaking, they failed to connect with people, and that was the main problem. It felt like someone came along and sucked all the excitement and emotion out of Star Wars, and they left it in this vacuum of dull, sterile boringness. The original films had a richness to them. They felt more real. There is just so many moments and images that resonate all our collective memories. There's just too many to list. Moments we remember because we're emotionally invested in what's happening.