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Awesome: Red Letter Media

Mr. Plinkett Reviews:

  • The clip at the end of the Revenge of the Sith review that juxtaposes Luke's decision to trust in his own abilities and the Force rather than fancy targeting computers in A New Hope with Lucas's increased reliance on CGI and technical wizardry while filming the prequels. The entire comparison is incredibly clever and the editing brilliant. The whole moment manages to be, frankly, emotionally affecting.
  • A brief moment in the Revenge Of The Sith review:
    Plinkett: I want to debunk a few myths about why [this film] is good, okay? Number one, "because it's dark," no.

Half in the Bag:

  • Their Half in the Bag video on Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill. A vicious dissecting on the running themes in Sandler movies, whether it's the blatant Product Placement or Sandler shoe-horning in his friends from SNL, and that was just the beginning. They went on to explain how Sandler is the biggest scam artist in Hollywood. Ending it all with what can be described as "Jack and Jill in a nutshell" when Fake Plinkett's twin sister (Fake Plinkett in a wig) comes to visit while Mike & Jay purposely shove products in front of the camera.
  • The review of Paranormal Activity 4 is an excellent explanation of what makes found footage movies like the The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield scary; that they aren't so much about the occasional 'jump scares' as the psychological breakdown of the characters when under threat. Mike compares the Paranormal Activity movies to Haunted House rides since there is nothing happening except for the scares. Jay compares the movies unfavourably to The Fast and the Furious series, saying that while some of those movies may be corny at least he can understand why people would want to go and see them. In the end they both conclude that Paranormal 4 makes Jack and Jill (see above) look like a masterpiece of effort.
  • The reviews of Red Tails and The People Vs. George Lucas make good serious counterparts to the Plinkett Star Wars reviews, and at times are practically a film school analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of George Lucas, including a pretty intellectual discussion over the morality of Executive Meddling and whether or not Lucas has become a Trolling Creator.
  • They call out the homophobic jokes in A Haunted House as bullying.
  • Watching the first three TRANSFORMERS films at the same time shows how formulaic the films really have been. The same scenes happen all at the same exact time in each film.

Best Of The Worst:

  • Everyone, yes everyone, takes part in the delicious destruction of the American Flatulators tape. Completed with Rich Evans throwing a cement brick on top of the firey mess, thus being very cool about fire safety.

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