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  • The clip at the end of the Revenge of the Sith review that juxtaposes Luke's decision to trust in his own abilities and the Force rather than fancy targeting computers in A New Hope with Lucas's increased reliance on CGI and technical wizardry while filming the prequels. The entire comparison is incredibly clever and the editing brilliant. The whole moment manages to be, frankly, emotionally affecting.
  • A brief moment in the Revenge Of The Sith review:
    Plinkett: I want to debunk a few myths about why [this film] is good, okay? Number one, "because it's dark," no.
  • His comparing "Citizen Kane" to "Revenge of the Sith" and making it work, using their similar plots to point out WHY Citizen Kane is a well loved film (because it uses clever acting, scripting and angles to convey its plot) and why Sith is so bad (because it uses stale shots and wooden dialogue that says the plot instead of allowing it to happen naturally).