Heartwarming / Randy Orton

Believe it or not, the man known as the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator, and the Viper, has had his share of heartwarming moments.
  • Apparently, Randy was approached to end The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak, but refused out of respect for the man. Keep in mind that during this time, he was the "Legend Killer."
  • In storyline, his goodbye with a fired John Cena was damn near as warm and fuzzy as he'll ever get in character. It's got some extra gravitas if you know that Orton and Cena have had an in-ring rivalry that dates all the way back to their developmental days.
  • Despite the fact that Orton's usually a dark anti-hero at best when he's a face, if his wife gets harrassed in any way onscreen, you can bet that Randy will drop whatever he's doing (even if he's enjoying beating the shit out of an opponent at the time), go backstage, and rescue her.
  • Any moment Randy Orton the man is captured on camera with his young daughter = instant Squee!.
  • He recently added a new piece to his wrestling attire, he wears his daughter's hairband on his finger like a ring.
  • He let a kid RKO him. Orton even sold it!
  • The tattoos that cover his arms and upper back are all around the same tone and color except for a red rose on his forearm, which he got to symbolize his daughter.