Fridge / Randy Orton

Fridge Brilliance
  • When Randy Orton won the World Heavyweight Title completely cleanly from Chris Benoit, many people were shocked, since Orton and his Evolution stablemates were mega heels at the time, known for cheating at every possible opportunity, especially when it came to the World Championship. Then you realize, the reason Evolution didn't interfere on Orton's behalf is because they didn't want him to win. They just never thought in a billion years that young, 24-year-old Randy Orton could beat the man who Triple H had lost to at least three times that year, and once at WrestleMania.
    • Additionally, the reason for Triple H orchestrating Randy's excommunication from Evolution is usually stated as being "Triple H wanted the championship." But think about this— Orton beat Benoit clean at SummerSlam and then retained in a rematch the very next night. He defeated Chris Benoit more times in TWO DAYS than Triple H had been able to in his entire career. Imagine if your little brother effortlessly accomplished something you had failed spectacularly to do despite trying your hardest, all your life. Triple H probably felt self-conscious about how he couldn't beat Benoit to begin with, and then every time he had to look at Orton wearing the World Heavyweight Championship belt, it was a reminder: "I did what you couldn't. Aren't you happy for me?"
      Triple H: I'm not a good person, Randy. I was never happy for your success.
  • The reason for him not working well in groups? It's due to Evolution, the people he trusted the most, turning on him when he won the World Heavyweight Title early in his career, and not being able to keep the World Heavyweight Title for all that long either and only losing it to Triple H, less than a month later and never regaining it until years later under different circumstances.
  • Why is Randy Orton so paranoid about the Authority possibly not being on his side? Surely it has much more to do with his own deep-seated confidence issues than it does with the fact that Triple H has already screwed him once.
  • Remember when Randy Orton proclaimed to Seth Rollins, who banned RKO at Extreme Rules 2015, that before the latter and that edition of RAW goes off the air, he was gonna "RKO every son of a bitch" he sees. Well, he made good on his promise with 5 RK Os. But notice how three of his victims (in that order) were Kofi Kingston, Heath Slater and The Miz. What do they all have in common? Prior to this, all three men have did something to piss off Orton, so it seemed like he intentionally targeted them to send a visual message to Rollins, who recently pissed him off as well.