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Awesome: Randy Orton
  • Before Orton had the opportunity to follow through on a planned heel turn, he wound up injured in his first match on Raw after jumping brands. Whilst that shouldn't be a CMOA, it lead to Orton giving weekly news updates on the status of his injury as if it was the most pressing story in the WWE.
  • There was a hellacious spot during his Wrestlemania 21 match with Undertaker, Undertaker caught him and set him up for a choke slam. However, as Randy was going up, he suddenly twisted around and countered that chokeslam into an RKO. That's not the awesome part. As Undertaker and Orton land hard on the ground, Orton can be seen looking up from the fall in an incredibly nonchalant manner, as if to say "Yup, just RKO'd Taker. NBD Kthxbye."
  • During his match with Mick Foley at Backlash, Randy Orton proved to be pretty hardcore when he let Mick drop him into a pile of thumbtacks. The look on Orton's face when it happened tells it all.
    • As Scott Keith pointed out, even Triple H wasn't crazy enough to do that spot during his 2000 feud with Foley, a feud that might have spilled more blood than any other in company history.
  • SummerSlam 2004, when Orton pinned Chris Benoit clean to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, after Orton's mentor Triple H had spent months failing to beat Benoit whilst cheating. (Orton pointed out the lack of outside interference to Triple H later on to blow more smoke in his face about his failure to beat Benoit, even with outside interference.)
    • Later on, Orton was told by Triple H to give him the belt or face the consequences. While seeming obedient at first, Orton spat in Triple H's face and officially broke away from Evolution, effectively becoming a face and racking up another CMOA for himself.
  • Suckering Eric Bischoff into calling himself a legend, who only realised ''just what he'd done'' when he noticed the grin on Orton's face. Cue RKO.
  • Whenever he gives the RKO to someone in midair.
  • He and John Cena's 1-hour Iron Man match at Bragging Rights 2009. Orton lost, but it was still a CMOA on both wrestlers parts.
  • On the 12/6/10 edition of RAW, Randy Orton delivering an RKO to Michael Cole.
    • And the next week, he powerbombed "former WCW champion" David Arquette right through a table.
  • On the 2/7/11 edition of Raw, The New Nexus attacks him. The first he does is bean David Otunga in the head with the mic, and later, when CM Punk taunts him, he gets his nose busted.
  • On the 4/18/11 edition of Raw The New Nexus attacks him, and CM Punk tries to punt him and gets the RKO!
  • While the outcomes were fairly controversial, his matches with Christian for the WHC are possible Match Of The Year contenders.
  • At Hell In A Cell 2011, after losing to Mark Henry, Mark tries to put him in the "Hall of Pain" (Mark wraps a steel chair around an unconscious victim's leg and hits it with a second-rope splash). At the last second, Orton revives and dodges the splash, then goes postal on Mark with the chair.
  • On the 10/14/11 edition of Smackdown, he won a battle royale by last hitting The Miz with an RKO while both are on the apron. They both fall out, but Miz hits the ground first.
  • On the 12/9/11 edition of Smackdown, he must defeat Dolph Ziggler in seven minutes, fifty three seconds. Despite Wade Barrett's interference, Randy pins Dolph with an RKO with two seconds to spare. Barrett angrily assaults Orton after the match and tries to send him through a table, but Orton fights him off, then powerbombs Ziggler through the table.
  • At Tables Ladders and Chairs 2011, Wade Barrett positions a groggy Orton onto a table, climbs to the top rope, and goes for a diving splash. Orton pops up and gives him an RKO in midair, sending Barrett through the table.
    • And then, for added insult to injury, laughs as the ref rings the bell.
  • At Hell in the Cell 2012, Alberto Del Rio tries to hit him with his step-up enzuigiri. Orton dodges and hits him with the RKO while Del Rio was still falling. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Similarly at Money In The Bank 2013 during the titular match, yanking Rob Van Dam off the ladder from about the 10-ft. point and RKO-ing him right into the ground. It was a standout move in a match that already lends itself to a very high Holy Shit Quotient... not to mention it was the move that led to Orton winning the match... and eventually, winning the WWE Title.
  • Beating John Cena, cleanly, for the WWE AND World Heavyweight Titles... with the use of handcuffs, and becoming the first person to unify the two main event titles since Chris Jericho did it back in 2001.
  • He may have lost the match at WrestleMania 30, but Randy Orton deserves immense props for accidentally landing flush and spine-first against a monitor during his Batista Bomb/RKO combo move on Daniel Bryan through an announce table and finishing the match without issue, including taking several more clean back bumps. On the grand stage where he was still supposed to lose, he didn't half ass it.
    • Not to mention near the end, where he kicked out of Bryan's Solid Knee Plus, which on every other occasion put Orton down for a three count. Orton may have went down, but he did so as a fighting champion.
    • He also didn't eat the final Finishing Move that ended the match. He lost but only by the technicality of the match stipulation.
  • The conclusion to Randy Orton's match with Dolph Ziggler on the October 13, 2014 of Raw. As Ziggler is about to land a Famouser, Randy counters the move by tossing Ziggler into the air and landing a sick-looking RKO on him as he falls to the ground.
  • Anyone who hoped Randy would regain the spark in his long-bland character had their hopes fulfilled on the Raw after Hell in a Cell 2014. He launches into a tirade against The Authority for celebrating Rollins' victory while dusting his own loss to Cena under the rug. He then launches at Rollins and has to be separated. When Triple H tries to calm him down, Randy R.K.O.s Rollins and leaves him practically dead to the world.
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