Funny / Randy Orton

  • While he may not seem like it now, Orton was the butt of many a joke, especially during his feud (along with Edge) with DX.
  • Also from around that time, his appearance with Edge on Deal or No Deal as hecklers.
  • Apparently Randy was real proud of himself after nailing Mark Henry with an RKO. Just what the hell was Randy doing here? Whatever it was, Christian and the ref definitely weren't expecting it, judging by their reactions.
    • In the comments, he has been called... the Apex Cheerleader.
  • This pre-Royal Rumble scene between Randy and Triple H. (Made even funnier by Trips' series of double entendres.)
    "Can you show me your box?"
  • The entire sequence of how he lost his World Title to Christian. He's been accused of holding the Idiot Ball for kicking Christian in the balls in clear view of the ref when the stipulation had already been made that he would lose his title if DQ'ed. Orton seems to deliberate for a brief second before deciding that he just doesn't care. Then, he goes to town on Christian, ending his beatdown with two RKO's on the non-Spanish Announcers Table (which doesn't break when someone puts their face into it.) Look at Orton's face right before he RKO's Christian and try not to laugh.
  • Watch this video of Orton with a Christmas-themed beatdown of David Otunga. It was a street fight called the "Miracle on 34th Street Fight" on WWE SmackDown in 2011, hosted by Mick Foley.
    • At one point, he takes a cookie sheet with cookies Michael Cole baked. He tossed all but one, bit a piece off it, nodded to Cole as if he liked it, then threw it and hit Otunga with the cookie sheet.
    • He then screamed "HO HO HO!!!" before using a wreath to yank Otunga into the steel steps.
  • Give Randy a non-working mic. You're bound to get a snarky yet enjoyable reaction.
    Randy: (sarcastically) "As I was saying...Live TV is AWESOME."
  • Using the RKO on Trish Stratus and then giving the Easily Distracted Referee John Cena's "You Can't See Me!" taunt.
  • Randy and John Cena's confrontation at Backlash 2007. Full of hilarious moments, including John mocking Randy's 'release the doves' pose, Randy saying that he and John "should get together", Randy saying he and John are both handsome and John responding "You think I'm handsome?" and the end of the scene:
    Randy: (yelling after a departing John) The only pose you're gonna be doing tonight is laying on your back in that ring with me on top!
    (Ron Simmons walks up behind Randy, hears what Randy said, Randy turns, jumps a little and immediately gets a 'oh no' sort of look on his face as he recounts what he just said and how it could be interpreted.)
    Ron: DAMN!
  • After winning a match with Team Hell No, the two invite Randy Orton into a group hug. Well, perhaps 'invite' isn't the right word. It was a bit more like they sandwiched Orton in between themselves forcibly. Orton's expression was roughly similar to the one he was wearing that night The Miz cashed in on him...
  • Orton low blowing Daniel Bryan on the December 16th Raw.
  • Randy's Long List of Skull Tattoos.
  • During a No Holds Barred match with Kane, Orton was atop the announcer's table with the monitors removed; he kicked Kane but his leg accidentally landed into one of the empty monitor holes, tipping him and the whole table over. After a second of pained reaction from the awkward fall, Orton hopped to his feet and laughed it off, wagging his finger. You can see the botch here.
  • On March 17, 2014, during a no DQ match with Daniel Bryan, a front row fan calls for the bell to ring after Randy breaks a hold with a kendo stick. Randy bellows back, "There's no bell to ring!"
    • And then, as he transitions to suplex Daniel Bryan onto the announce table, he turns and points to the fan and shouts "You did this!"…Now why can't he have more moments like that?
    • This happened later in the match.
  • In a similar vein, a fan chanted "Same old shit!" at Orton during a pre-Elimination Chamber match against John Cena as he was going for his rope-hung DDT. In response, he moved Cena up to the top rope before hitting the move and shouting to the fan, "How's that for the same old shh...."
  • Sheamus having to tell Randy Orton what his line was.
  • While almost falling dangerously onto the legs of an upturned table isn't funny, Randy's reaction to the table being there at all is hilarious. After swearing (it gets censored, naturally), he eventually lifts up the table yelling, "MM... MOOOOOOOOOOVE!"
  • He flat-out flipped the bird at Seth Rollins, both hands. Bonus funny points for the camera staying there for a second, before quickly panning down.
  • Randy's rampage on the 4/20/15 RAW, where he makes good on his promise to RKO everyone he sees until he can get his hands on Rollins. This ended up being just about what it sounded like... or basically, #RKOOuttaNowhere literally became canon. The most hilarious one was on poor Heath Slater, who was sitting at the catering table with Erick Rowan (who's known to have No Social Skills and is a bit... weird, and who immediately before Slater was RKO'd, slowly gets up and walks away from a confused Slater, apparently having seen Randy Orton coming. He may not have any social skills, but he's definitely smart)... after which Orton casually snacked on a potato chip from Slater's lifeless body.
  • Orton mocking Sheamus's attempt at a Gladiator motif, that immediately evolves into an RKO.
  • Randy's return from injury at Battleground 2016 as a guest of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel had him acting decidedly... un-Randy. For one thing, he seemed to be genuinely happy, talking energetically rather than his usual slow delivery. For another, he was cracking genuinely funny jokes and making numerous digs at Chris, including his return loss to Fandango at WrestleMania 29. And then...
    Orton: It only takes one RKO to get to Viperville. [beat] No enhancement needed.note  [mic drop]
    Jericho: [trying not to laugh] Something tells me you're going to pay for that little comment, Randy. [Randy laughs and mouths "You're probably right."]
  • Randy blows a kiss to Roman Reigns while Reigns was having his monologue.
    • Made even funnier when it was revealed on a WWE behind-the-scenes interview that Randy was actually blowing a kiss to his wife and he wasn't listening "to a damn thing" that Roman was saying at the moment, thinking that the camera wasn't on him at the time.
  • After a SmackDown dark match, Randy teases betraying the Wyatt Family, but stops at the last second. Then they all go to the turnbuckle and do a variant of Randy's "release the doves" pose, complete with "suck its" from Bray and Randy.
  • Speaking of his "release the doves" pose, it's not easy to ignore the fact that he did the same pose when he ended the 2/28/2017 episode of Smackdown Live as he set the Wyatt Family "Hallowed Grounds" (including Sister Abigail's resting place) ablaze. Seriously.
  • During his title match with Jinder Mahal at Backlash 2017, Mahal's buddies the Singh brothers interfere one too many times, and Randy finally takes them out, back suplexing one onto the announce table. Unfortunately, Randy accidentally manages to drop that Singh brother right on his neck, which isn't great. But then Randy turns and makes this face.
  • Randy Orton RKOs his own son Making this a real-life version of the "RKO Outta Nowhere" meme.