Heartwarming / Prince Caspian


  • Edmund, who had previously been Lucy's worst critic, is the only one who believes her when she says she has seen Aslan.
    • He's just as quick to express his faith in Peter when Caspian worries, during Peter's duel with Miraz, that Peter will allow the Telmarines' jeering to goad him into acting recklessly: "Not he. You don't know him."
  • Reepicheep's people revealing just how devoted they are to their leader, and then Aslan paying back not just the mice's loyalty, but the seemingly innocuous kindness of them chewing off his bonds at the Stone Table centuries ago (which is when they became Talking Mice, according to the book) by restoring Reepicheep's "honor." Peepiceek, a Mauve Shirt in Reepicheep's team of - uh - mouse commandos, gets his only line in the books here:
    "May it please your High Majesty, we are all waiting to cut off our own tails if our Chief must go without his. We will not bear the shame of wearing an honour which is denied to the High Mouse."
  • After a very tiring two-day trek across the wilderness, a lot of stress, and several arguments over whether or not Lucy really saw Aslan, the Pevensies finally meet him at Aslan's How. Peter goes down on one knee before him, takes his paw in both hands, and brings it to his face, and apologizes to Aslan for not having led them all better.
  • Aslan at the Bridge (formerly the Ford) of the Beruna River:
    Before they had begun to cross [the bridge], however, up out of the water came a great wet, bearded head, larger than a man's, crowned with rushes. It looked at Aslan and out of its mouth a deep voice came.
    "Hail, Lord," it said. "Loose my chains."
    "Who on earth is that?" whispered Susan.
    "I think it's the river-god," said Lucy.
    "Bacchus," said Aslan. "Deliver him from his chains."
  • Aslan healing a woman on her deathbed, who turns out to be Caspian's childhood nurse.


  • The Pevensie children quickly learn that not all Minotaurs are servants of evil. Becomes a plotpoint later when one sacrifices himself to save the heroes army.
  • Lucy comforting Peter after the failed raid on Miraz's castle.
  • Edmund's introduction to the film: Peter's in a fight, is horribly outnumbered and losing badly, then Edmund appears and, without question, leaps in to defend his brother. Afterwards when Peter's obvious jerkishness is established, you realize Edmund knew he'd get no thanks for helping but rushed in anyway. It's a complete turnaround from his attitude in the first film and immediately shows his loyalty to his brother.
  • Peter handing over his sword to Caspian and finally acknowledging him as their successor as King of Narnia.
  • This troper couldn't help but smile at the scene where Trumpkin is going to duel Peter, then Peter says, "Not me. Him." The fact that he knows Edmund will be both willing and able to take the challenge without even consulting him says a lot about how close they are.
  • In the hall of murals, there are paintings of the Pevensies... and then there's one of a faun, carrying an umbrella, standing next to a lamppost.