Heartwarming: Prince Caspian

  • Edmund, who had previously been Lucy's worst critic, is the only one who believes her when she says she has seen Aslan.
    • He's just as quick to express his faith in Peter when Caspian worries, during Peter's duel with Miraz, that Peter will allow the Telmarines' jeering to goad him into acting recklessly: "Not he. You don't know him."
  • Peepiceek, a Mauve Shirt in Reepicheep's team of - uh - mouse commandos, in his only line in the books:
    "May it please your High Majesty, we are all waiting to cut off our own tails if our Chief must go without his. We will not bear the shame of wearing an honour which is denied to the High Mouse."
  • The Pevensie children quickly learn that not all Minotaurs are servants of evil.
    • becomes a plotpoint later when one sacrifices himself to save the heroes army.