Trivia / Prince Caspian

The film

  • Acting for Two: Tilda Swinton apparently cameos as a female centaur, as well as returning as Jadis for a scene.
    • An unusual example with Shane Rangi, a professional suit actor who provided the suit acting and motion capture for at least six different non-human characters throughout the film (he's only officially credited for two).
  • Advertised Extra: Aslan of course. His role compared to the first film is notably smaller, but the marketing didn't exactly say that.
  • Creator Cameo: Douglas Gresham, co-producer, is the voice that proclaims the birth of Miraz's son at the beginning. Likewise the film's composer Harry Gregson Williams provides the voice of Pattertwig the squirrel.
    • The audio commentary and behind the scenes features reveals that numerous minor roles were filled by crew members.
  • Dawson Casting: More so than the first film. Only one year has passed in the timeline but three years separated the releases of the films. William Moseley was twenty one playing a teenager and Anna Popplewell was twenty. Caspian's age isn't stated but he's implied to be a teenager and Ben Barnes was twenty six.
  • Deleted Scene:
    • After the Pevensies first arrive, Peter gives Lucy an apple from the orchard and the rest of them say they forgot to bring their lunches.
    • Early on in the film, the Pevensies would witness a dryad dying painfully as her tree was cut down, similar to something that Tirian and Jewel see in The Last Battle.
    • A scene humanising Miraz somewhat, where Prunaprismia is tending to the baby and wonders where Caspian could be (as she does not know he has run away).
    • A few extra seconds introducing Aslan's How.
    • A moment before the raid on Miraz's castle, where a centaur would be seen saying goodbye to his wife (the same one who bursts into tears after they return). Lucy glares at Peter before walking off, showing she still doesn't approve of the plan.
    • A Getting Crap Past the Radar moment during the castle raid. Peter and Susan find Miraz's baby.
    Peter: Where did that come from?
    Susan: Mum never had that talk with you?
    • Susan would be practising with her bow, Caspian would flirt with her and the two would spot a sentry. This is replaced with a faun seeing the sentry in the final cut.
    • A scene before the duel, where Reepicheep and Bulgy Bear would argue over who gets to be Peter's second.
  • Jossed: It was unknown how long had passed in Narnia between the two books, only a reference to 'centuries' in the text. This film confirms it is 1300 years, from a line between Susan and Caspian.
  • Screwed by the Network: Disney's marketing of the Prince Caspian. Rather than release it in December as a family film (like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was), they decided to spend enormous amounts of money trying to sell it as a teen film and gave it a summer release, about a week apart from both Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Iron Man. It should have been kept in December, because that's friendlier to this type of movie, but to be fair, May has shown it can expand just fine (see 2003 and 2007). And Iron Man was hardly seen as a sure thing at the time. Basing the marketing around Ben Barnes may have been a dumb move, however.
  • Playing Against Type: Peter Dinklage as Trumpin; Dinklage is famous for turning down roles that often pigeon-hole actors with dwarfish such as fantasy dwarves; in contrast to Warwick Davis who's made his career by embracing it. So him playing Trumpkin was a bit of shock.
  • Wag the Director: Anna Popplewell was disappointed that she didn't get to use her bow too much in the previous film. So she asked the director to change that; the script was changed to have more instances of Susan using her bow.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Producers had much more trouble adapting this book than the previous one. The book has the Pevensies arriving in Narnia and Trumpkin telling them everything that happened in the story up until Miraz's forces advanced on Beruna. As such they considered simply skipping it and adapting The Voyage of the Dawn Treader instead. Likewise they also considered - as the BBC adaptations had - combining two books into one.
    • The romance between Susan and Caspian was much more detailed in the original script. It was cut down to a more chaste crush and flirting, to avoid a Romantic Plot Tumor.
  • Word of God: Anyone inside the circle drawn to resurrect Jadis is seduced by her powers. This is only hinted at by the fact that fumes come out of Caspian and Peter's mouths. It explains why the two of them come close to freeing her.