Heartwarming / Planes

  • Everybody giving replacement parts to Dusty after he lands in the ocean and damages himself all over.
  • Dusty saves Bulldog from crashing during a race, and the aftermath of that.
    • Even more so when he tells Dusty that he's in last place because of what he did, meaning that Dusty lost on purpose to help him.
  • When Dusty is lost over the ocean and two fighter planes meet him. When he explains that he is lost and low on fuel, there is no question with the fighters that the little civilian prop plane can take shelter on their aircraft carrier.
  • Ishani's words to Dusty after he wins the race:
    Ishani: The world has a new champion... and so do I.
  • Skipper coming to Dusty's aid against Ripslinger even after their falling out.