Funny / Planes

  • This exchange:
    Dusty: Are you...crying?
    Bulldog: No! I don't cry, I'm British!
  • Dottie's exaggerated acting out of what could happen if Dusty pushes himself too hard during a race.
    Dottie: Oh, no! I'm going down! Why didn't I listen to Dottie? She's the smartest mechanic in the world!
  • El Chupacabra and Dusty talking about Rochelle.
    El Chupacabra: She is like an angel, sent from heaven. Like a sunrise after a lifetime of darkness.
    Dusty: Like... fresh fertilizer on a field of dying grass.
    El Chupacabra: ...This is not your thing, my friend.
  • In anger of Dusty's growing popularity, Rip runs over one of his lackey's skyPads. Obviously they're upset, but he scoffs the damage by replying, "A new one is coming out in two weeks."
  • Whenever Dusty's acrophobia shows. It initiates with the ground swirling away beneath him, and he faints out of disgust as he falls back.
  • Dusty's daydream at the beginning, especially when he gives the other planes a "head-start":
    Dusty: One, one thousand...two, one thou — ah, that's enough!
  • And when he snaps out:
    Dusty: Beat it, suckers! —
    Leadbottom: DUSTY!!
    (Cuts back to reality; Dusty has sprayed his crop dust in Leadbottom's face, who is coughing.)