Headscratchers / Planes

  • Why would a world populated entirely by motor vehicles (which have been established in-universe to run on gasoline) grow crops?
    • Biofuel? For the cows to eat? Which produce gasoline milk?
    • Synthetic gasoline and jet fuel are the most likely answers.
    • Biofuel is even briefly discussed in the movie (some of the planes were talking about fuel made of corn). Now where does the fertilizer come from?
  • Mexico in the movie is presented as Teotihuacan with runways, and the pyramids being hangers. So... what would an ancient Aztec airplane look like?
    • Who says they had airplanes? The Nazca lines don't make any sense on the surface either.
  • Where in all of Shanghai did Dusty find, of all things, a mariachi band?!
    • Perhaps the scene was originally going to take place in Mexico, which was the next stop.
    • They might be El Chupacabra's fans.