Heartwarming / Oglaf

  • "She... is truly my son."
  • Meltwater and Solstice, show a winter spirit finally getting the happy sex she's been craving, with the added bonus of introducing Greir.
  • Balcony has a Matchmaker Crush with a very happy ending in both senses of the phrase.
  • The Mistress accepting Ivan back after he got kidnapped and annoyed her with constant Cumsprites.
  • Even Hooded Torturers Have Loved Ones.
  • The moment between the man and the princess in Branding is kind of sweet... at least until the appellomancer shows up.
  • The couple holding hands in the last panel of Performance Anxiety is sweet, too.
    • Each of them had hired a high-class whore to ensure the other had a good first time. If that doesn't say I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, what does?
  • "I love you, magic fish."
  • When one of the disciples of Sithrak the Gibberer meets his maker, it turns out the guy was just in his angsty teen phase when he wrote the Book of Dismay, and didn't realize people were taking it as holy scripture. He brings the disciple back to life to reassure everyone they won't be eternally tortured.
  • Sextiles shows a woman getting together with her insecure friend. Even if the cloth merchant was lying to make her friend feel better, it's the gesture that counts.