Funny / Oglaf

  • When Navaan and a guy disguised as a statue are bound to chairs and held prisoners, she knocks herself and the guy over in an attempt to bite through his ropes, then shuffles over to him and bites off a part of his robe.
    Statue: Are we escaping here or having sex?
    Navaan: (mouth full of cock) Ffex. Leff difficulc.
  • The Incense of Wisdom
    Chemist 1: I've devised an "incense of bad decisions"!
    Chemist 2: Why have you labelled it "incense of wisdom"?
    Chemist 1: ...I don't know.
  • The Fruitviking!
  • Flatbear.
  • Gorek the Magnanimous.
    I would find him and I would forgive him. I would forgive the shit out of him.
  • Rite of Passage. Gotta love a coming-of-age ritual that unabashedly evil.
  • The Fucktopus! It's hard to be sure whether the sound effects (sqlibba lubba libba floont) or Greir's expressions are the jewel in this crown.
  • The Golden Songbird.
    Thessaly: Titty shitting mother guzzling cock fuck cunt!
    Wall-Eyed Fox: Little princeling, why do you weep?
    Thessaly: Who the fuck are you?
  • Also, Elves.
  • Labyrinth. It's his expression.
  • "Bad falcon! Lazy!"
  • Higgledy-piggledy.
  • Captain Cockstink
  • "Hello. We are magical talking bear prostitutes."
  • The entirety of "King Blowjob."
  • A fortuneteller has reduced her Tarot deck to "The Lovers" and "Death" for efficiency— one doesn't want to waste a portentous moment on the Three of Cups or something. Three guesses what card the customer pulls.
    Fortuneteller: Fuck! How did...?!
  • The "Just So" stories that all explain phenomena of nature as the actions of "some guy."
    "Some guy... stabbed me in the stomach."
    "We've been through this — that's your belly-button."
  • The Rogue's Arsenal part three. "Swirling clouds of ink to confuse my enemies!"
  • Amazon Linguistics.
    Amazon: Sluuuuut
  • Muster the troops. Poor Don ... erm, Ruprecht.
  • Vanka's expression when she finds out the fortress-owner's semen actually is priceless in Lapidary.
  • Merry Men. Maybe Robin should have called them "the Pussy Gang" after all...
    Robin Hood: Fuuuck!
    Little John: C'mon man- be merry. It's our thing!