Heartwarming / Mick Foley

  • Just Mick Foley himself. A Promoted Fanboy, he was told that he was too fat to be a wrestler and that he did not have the look. Today Mick Foley is a legend, liked and respected by every professional wrestling fan, who appreciate him for the things he put his body through just so he could keep us entertained. As the fans themselves say. "Thank You, Mick"
  • He's going to donate half the proceeds from his latest book to RAINN. The other half? To rape victims in Sierra Leone.
  • Being awarded the retired Hardcore Championship in a ceremony held by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and various ECW alumni.
  • After former WWE wrestler and longtime friend Luna Vachon's house burned down, she lost all of the memorabilia she had of her wrestling career. Mick Foley called on fans to mail her any Luna Vachon memorabilia they had.
  • Wishing Maffew of Botchamania fame well after the former was attacked by a dog (bonus points since Mick is Maffew's favorite professional wrestler). Watch the heartwarming.
  • His first ever WWF championship win in 1999: a stunning victory against The Rock and Vince McMahon's Power Stable The Corporation. While the crowd went wild and the members of DeGeneration Xnote  hoisted Mankind onto their shoulders, Mick grabbed the microphone and said to his kids watching at home:
    "At the risk of not sounding very cool, I'd like to dedicate this match to my two little people watching at home, and say... big Daddy-o did it!!!"
    • Pay close attention when Mick grabs the mic; Triple H himself motions for the crowd to hush, and they do.
    • It also resulted in what is quite possibly the best call Michael Cole ever made on commentary:
    Cole: Mankind has achieved his dream, and the dream of everyone else who's been told "You can't do it"!
    • Add in the effects of Tony Shiavone's famous "That'll put some butts in the seats" comment about this match: over half a million people changed from Nitro to Raw just to see Mick win his first championship.
  • The fact that he's still married to his wife after twenty years is definitely some kind of record for the high-pressure environment of pro wrestling. Pick up any one of his books and his love for his wife and kids shines through every page.
  • According to Mick, Stacy Keibler once told him that she became interested in Andrew "Test" Martin because she felt bad for him after Mick had made so many jokes at Test's expense in his books.
  • After being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Mick mentions in jest that his one regret is never getting to beat Chris Jericho. Chris promptly gets up on stage and lays himself down to give Mick the chance, with CM Punk acting as a referee. At first, Mick claims, "I don't have any elbows left in me!" In true Foley fashion, however, he embraces the moment and gives Chris an elbow and a pin for an enthusiastic three-count by all in attendance. Even Jericho was grinning.
    Mick: I just wanna say one thing to my wife... yo, Adrian; I did it!
  • Dude Love's debut. Not only got Mick to present his own creation on national TV, he debuted it on the night he won his first title in the WWF (The Tag Team Titles with Steve Austin). When Foley and Austin scored the pinfall, the look on Foley's face just warms your heart.
    • For those who aren't in the know, Dude Love is the character Foley created for himself when he was a teenager wrestling with friends in his back yard. It was who he wanted to be in pro wrestling, but was told that he didn't have the looks to play the heartthrob character. Vince McMahon loved the story of Mick's desire to be Dude Love and offered Foley the chance to use the Dude Love persona permanently, even though he was already over as Mankind.
  • As seen in the documentary I Am Santa Claus a large portion of his post-wrestling career is dressing up as and playing Santa Claus. And he's great at it.
  • The team of The Rock and Mankind (The Rock 'n Sock Connection). The former was a hip, electrifying, good looking young man with a bit of a bullying streak. The latter was an overweight, scraggly dork who took every opportunity to look "uncool" as possible (to the point of using a dirty sock as a puppet named Socko, hence the "Sock" part of the team name). Nevertheless, they had amazing chemistry together and complimented each other nicely in a match. It was like the high school's popular jock hanging out with the good-natured geek. Even after splitting, they remained good friends in kayfabe and in real life.
  • Mick's final night as General Manager of Raw was this after he was fired. Backstage, he was approached by some of the wrestlers he helped along the way. Sami Zayn, who he drew the passion out of during Sami's feud with Braun Strowman, told Mick that he was every bit the man Sami hoped he'd be, and that he was glad to have met someone he considered a hero; Sheamus and Cesaro, who he put together as a tag team after they wrestled to a draw in their best-of-seven series, thanked him for believing in them when no one else did; and Bayley, of course, who he signed to Raw in the first place, sent him off with a hug.