Heartwarming: Mean Girls

  • Janis and Damien rushing to comfort Cady after Regina takes Aaron back.
  • Karen lovingly catching Gretchen in the trust circle after the latter's Backhanded Apology. Though, depending on how you view it, Karen may simply have been too dumb to realize she had been insulted too.
    • In the commentary, Tina Fey notes how surprisingly moved she is by it.
    • Even though they play girl politics with each other, glimpses of Karen and Gretchen's true friendship show through. At the Halloween party when Karen can't figure out how cousins work, Gretchen patiently explains things to her and gives a sympathetic "oh honey" where everyone else would have called her stupid and put her down.
  • Cady's Spring Fling speech. "Everyone looks like royalty tonight."
  • When Cady apologizes to Ms. Norbury for putting her in the burn book for selling drugs. Also, it may not be as much, but when Aaron Samuels tells Cady "welcome back, nerd." This shows that the others are seeing Cady progress from the plastic she used to be.
  • Cady making up with Aaron, Janis, and Damien at the Spring Fling after her speech.
  • In a way, Regina getting her happy ending is oddly sweet. She learns to channel her rage into sports, and joins the hockey team. And since the hockey team isn't scared of her, they're actually her friends, not just using her for a social status or going along with what she says because she intimidates them. We see her scoring a goal in hockey, and the rest of the team dog-piling her, and at the end, we see her with her teammates, looking like she's genuinely happy. Her dose of Character Development did her good.