Heartwarming: Mean Girls

  • Janis and Damien rushing to comfort Cady after Regina takes Aaron back.
  • Karen lovingly catching Gretchen in the trust circle after the latter's Backhanded Apology. Though, depending on how you view it, Karen may simply have been too dumb to realize she had been insulted too.
    • In the commentary, Tina Fey notes how surprisingly moved she is by it.
    • Even though they play girl politics with each other, glimpses of Karen and Gretchen's true friendship show through. At the Halloween party when Karen can't figure out how cousins work, Gretchen patiently explains things to her and gives a sympathetic "oh honey" where everyone else would have called her stupid and put her down.
  • Cady's Spring Fling speech. "Everyone looks like royalty tonight."